Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sweet Pictures

Tallon was soo excited when I picked him up from mothers morning out. He has done really well- he goes every Wed morning from 9- 12. Today I managed to CLEAN our home while he was gone!! I have not cleaned our home this quickly in a LONG TIME- I am used to having to clean in spurts while Tallon is napping! His teachers say that he does really well and I am looking forward to having a morning to get a few things done every week. Tallon was in such a good mood after he ate lunch- that i decided to take a few more pictures of him!! I think they turned out great! They really show his sweet, happy personality!


Michelle said...

What a cutie! I can't wait to see him (and you and Reeves) in April. Tal will probably be running up the stairs this time!

DarleyFamily said...

Yes they are sweet pictures! So nice of you to visit our blog and say hello! We love hearing from old friends, especially Clemson ones:) Your little boy is just precious! What a cutie and looks like so much fun. Aren't they a wonderful blessing from the Lord. I have to remind myself of this now that we are approaching 2 and little personalities are coming out in a fierce way! I loved looking at all your photos. Those malls in TX have the right idea! It gets plenty hot in GA and SC to have them too! I loved the sprinkler park:) My boys would love that, they LOVE the water. I know your family must love having you back, ours sure do. We do miss our friends (and the weather) in sunny southern California. Praying for sunny days and warm weather! So good to hear from you. The Darley clan (Chris, Martha and the boys)