Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tallon and Daddy

I managed to grab a few pictures of Tallon and Reeves this morning before we headed to church!! YES- I KNOW- I WAS ACTUALLY READY 10 minutes before we had to leave!! AND we had ALL eaten breakfast!! Maybe, we are finally getting our timing down ( having a baby to feed, change, and pack for church is a little time consuming!) My Handsome Hubby and sweet Baby Boy!
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What a sweet smile!
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Tallon ADORES his Daddy!
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Consignment Store Fun

Thursday night I heard about a Kid Consignment store closing in Carrollton, so I headed over there on Friday morning with Tallon. Everything was 50% off and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!! Aren't the pictures adorable- they are going to look great on Tallon's nursery walls ( when we move and decorate his nursery)!! I could not believe my eyes when I turned around and saw Tallon's bedskirt in the store- the exact same one and it is not even faded at all. I got it for less than $5!!!!!!!!! So now my mom and I can make matching valences for Tallon's nursery!!! Woohoo!! I also got my niece several CUTE outfits for next summer!I could not turn down several adorable books for Tallon (who can beat paying anywhere from 50 cents to $1.50 for books!!! Much better than Barnes and Nobles! I could not believe all I walked out of the store with and I had spent less than $36 TOTAL! Posted by Picasa
Check out those expressions as Daddy and Tallon play with the ball!! Tallon has really gotten good at picking up and throwing the ball! This is a favorite game in our household right now! Posted by Picasa

Gotta Love some Sugar

Mommy sure does love Tallon's kisses. He won't give them to hardly anyone else- even daddy=( - right now, but he LOVES to give Mommy kisses! Posted by Picasa


We went to lunch with Mrs. Pamela and her 2 daughers- Rachel and Katie last Thursday. We walked the mall and let the kids play in the playcenter. They had a blast! Tallon loved the attention Rachel gave him~ she would sing to him and make animal noises!! She is such a sweetie! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Our Week

It seems like the days are flying by. Although we are enjoying our summer, I am looking forward to some cooler days ( Dallas has been in the 100's lately so it has been difficult getting out of the apartment because it is sooo HOT!) We are doing well and below are a few pictures that I have taken throughout the week. Tallon still seems to thoroughly enjoy food, he has really taken off with his walker and started to take some baby steps!! All in All, He keeps me REALLY busy and I hardly have time to blog or post pictures as Tallon enjoys interacting with Reeves and I! We are looking forward to seeing our families soon=) Posted by Picasa

GET READY MiMi and LiLi!!!

I like to explore- and it is especially fun when I find something that looks yummy!! ( I was in the kitchen with Tallon- he had been playing with some plastic containers while I washed dishes- I turned around as he threw a potato!! Notice the wet spot on the potato- I guess he thought it my be a nice desert to end his meal with!) Posted by Picasa
Mommy, don't you think you have taken enough pictures today- LETS PLAY!!
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FOUR teeth and we think there is another one on the way=)
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Taking a break for a cute picture!
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Tallon only knows 1 speed on his walker- FAST!
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Tallon and Daddy

Tallon and Daddy in the pool!
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I love this picture- what a beautiful baby boy!!!
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Picture Books

Tallon has seemed a lot more enthusiastic about books lately. His good friend Caden has given us 2 great books this past week. Thanks Caden! Here we are reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see? (notice the goldfish so nicely displayed on my knee- we were having snack time and reading yesterday after Tal's nap!)He is also into books that you can sing to- like Skip to My Lou and Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  Posted by Picasa

Baby Steps

Tallon has started taking "Baby Steps"! We first noticed him letting go of things and trying to step forward two days ago. And he continues to practice taking steps. So far, I have only seen him go about 3 steps before he falls down. I have tried to catch some of his steps on camera but only seem to catch the sitting down phase. We have some great video though=) As soon as he lets go of whatever he was holding on to, he almost immediately puts his arms out so he can try to balance himself!  Posted by Picasa
I can do it by myself Daddy!!
I love the look of determination on his face!
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Tallon walking while holding Mommy's hand!
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Look Who Is 10 Months Old!

Tallon turned 10 months old this past Saturday!! WOW- Time sure has flown this past year. Our little boy is growing up- he has started to really lose that baby look and now has a "toddler look"!! We celebrated by going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast!

I love this age! He is so much more interactive and we are on a pretty good schedule- sleeping from around 7 pm until 6 am every night! He takes 2 naps a day so I am able to get a few things done. I feel like most of our accomplishments are mostly the new foods he is eating every day. So far, he has yet to really dislike anything except for bananas. Definitely a lot like his daddy in that he LOVES TO EAT!!!

Tallon is very quiet - we think he is a BIG Thinker and ofter wonder what he is really thinking inside of his head. He has started to babble a little bit more and enjoys being read to and hearing music play. We are VERY close to walking!!!! He has started to stand without holding on to anything- YIKES!!! He just looks at me and I look at him- thinking WOW- he is standing by himself and I keep waiting for him to fall or grab onto something and there he is.. still standing... and than he will either grab onto something or sit down!!! Tallon still loves to wave and we are working on high-5 and a few sign language signs with him!

Tallon enjoys checking out every part of his toys - he will flip his walker over and play with the wheels and than flip it back up and walk behind it. He also really likes balls and cars! He is definitely our LITTLE BOY!!

I am so thankful for God's blessings and for the health He has given our family! Even though, we are in a "transition time" in our life right now as we are looking for a job for Reeves and waiting to move somewhere, it seems like God daily uses Tallon to help me smile, laugh and count our MANY, ABUNDANT BLESSINGS! I pray that as we are entering into the stage of starting to have to use "no" and discipline that we will raise him in a Godly way and that Tallon will grow up to be a God-fearing man.
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Mommy and Tallon relaxing in the rocking chair after a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel.
Tallon enjoyed blueberries and cheerios until Mommy and Daddy's food arrived and than Tallon also ate part of a biscuit, a little bit of scrambled eggs, and grits- Yummy! What a way to start off the day=)

Tallon loves to explore new things- He used to be very scared of the vacuum cleaner and insisted on being held when he heard it, but now Tallon crawls right up to it and wants to be part of all the excitement of cleaning!

Spaghetti night at the Cannon's- Tallon definitely gave it a "thumbs up"!
Kisses and more kisses- Tallon loves to give them- especially to mommy!!

Tallon has finally gotten down the hang of the sippy cup!!! I have only been giving him water in it- no juice- he seems to really like water now!

Sunday afternoon, Tallon went to his first birthday party. We celebrated his friends- Brandon's 2nd birthday and Aaron's 1st birthday! Tallon had a blast playing with all of his friends- they had a bounce house but Tallon is not quite old enough for it yet, but he enjoyed playing in the balls in the baby swimming pool for a while! He also ate his 1st cheeseburger ( well, a few bites anyways)- His Dad is very excited that Tallon likes burgers!!

Snack Time

After Tallon's afternoon nap, we usually let him have a snack of either a few cheerios or animal crackers. Today, Tallon had baby goldfish and Reeves had animal crackers- it was a special occasion- I let Tallon sit with daddy to eat ( versus the high chair)!!! He had a great time hanging out with his daddy!!! Posted by Picasa