Monday, January 15, 2007

MOMS- something to check into!

I was reading a parenting magazine the other day and they recommended these sippy cup labels. I do not know how many times I have tried permanent marker on Tal's cup and it just keeps coming off in the dishwasher so I have recently gone to just using paper and taping his name on the sippy cup- EVERY time we go to church, mothers morning out, etc. I think these look very cool so I have ordered some to try- will let you know how they work out but wanted to go ahead and send everyone the info in case they were interested. We figured that we would use these on sports bottles once Tallon is past sippy cups and playing sports or just at church!


M/G said...

That is great!!! We have the same problem with the permanent marker coming off so this should be very helpful. We'll put one on and just leave it on. Thanks for passing on the great find!

Casey said...

Hey Rebecca....just wanted to let you know that Avery Elizabeth Garmendia has arrived! Check out when you get a chance!

Casey Childs Garmendia

Sabrina said...

those are pretty neat-o. i'm sorry that y'all are still sick! feel better soon and come to G'ville soon too! love you :)