Thursday, June 29, 2006

4 Years

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! I am so thankful God brought you into my life! You are a selfless, loving husband who often puts my desires above your own and a wonderful father to our son! I am soo proud to be called "your wife"! These past 4 years of marriage have been so much fun- just look at the places we have been together and where God has taken us and taught us! Thank you for working soo hard for our family! I look forward to the next 50+ years=)
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We then spent a day in Florence with my parents before we headed up to Clemson for my sister's wedding! Poppa kept Tallon so that Reeves and I could go out on a date!!! He enjoyed introducing Tallon to Oscar and Striker and Tallon had a great time playing with him! Thanks Dad!!!!!!

At the bridesmaids luncheon- my Nana, Tiffany ( my brother's fiance), Lauren and Kathryn
My parents at the rehearsal dinner with Robert and my 3 cousins.

Getting ready to give away another daughter! Aren't they a beautiful couple!

My cousin Lauren- 1 of the flower girls!

My other cousin Kathryn ( also a flower girl!)

1 tired little fellow after a day full of playing with family and lots of pictures! Thank you LiLi for watching Tallon during the wedding!

The 4 girls before the wedding!

CONGRATULATIONS Mr and Mrs. Michael Andrew Caldwell!

We love ya'll!! Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!


We spent several days with Reeves' family. Tallon enjoyed all of the attention from his aunts and uncles and he spent lots of quality time with Lili and Boom-Boom- especially at 6 AM ( thanks for letting us get some rest!) Tallon would go for a stroll with them everyday and he checked out all of their neighbors!

Tallon is one loved little boy. Makgill sure could make Tallon laugh and they enjoyed playing together. Towards the end of our time, Tallon finally acknowledged that there was a baby around. Little Clara Beth is soo beautiful and I enjoyed getting to hold a baby again! ( Tallon hardly sits still long enough for me to hold him anymore!) Uncle Collin took Tallon's 9 month portraits while we were home and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you sooo much Collin!!

Tallon with Aunt Erin and Makgill!

Reeves had a great time playing with Makgill!


The past week and a half have been pretty exciting for our family. We traveled via airplane to SC to see our extended families.

Tallon was soo excited about getting to see all of his grandparents, aunts and uncles and his cousins!

We got to spend Father's Day with both of our dads and both of my grandads at the lake.We are so blessed to have such Godly earthly fathers Thank you for your example to us! We love you both greatly!!

Tallon and I made Reeves a Canvas with Tallon's footprints and a picture of Tallon and Reeves on it for Reeves desk! TALLON LOVES HIS DADDY!!!!!

Tallon loved the water and enjoyed playing with everyone- especially Makgill in the "small pool"! Reeves and I enjoyed lots of good food ( Thanks Nana and Mom!) and enjoyed spending some time on the water!

Uncle Collin on the innertube!! He won the award for the best style- 10/10!!

Everyone enjoyed relaxing on the screened in porch!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Look how far you have come!

Our 1st family picture!
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Tallon- 6 months old at the beach in SC
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Happy 9 months old Tallon!!
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Ohhh... one of my books is here!
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Let's read Mommy! I'll open the book up!
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Aren't you going to sit down with me and help me read??
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My precious little boy!
This was one of the few picstures where he sat still!!
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Mommy took Tallon outside to the park today. We played with Tallon's ball and Tallon checked out the grass and watched as people and their dogs walked by. He enjoyed listening the airplanes fly overhead and kept looking up at the sky. He is definitely going to be an "outside boy". He can be fussy and I can simply take him outside and he gets quiet and happy! Posted by Picasa

9 month Dr Visit

This picture says it all.... You are our precious baby boy and a BUNDLE of energy, enthusiasm and love! You are starting to make more noises and we think you are saying "Hi" when you wave at us. You love to explore the world around you! You always make sure to look over your shoulder and see if you can see either mommy or daddy and than exploring you go!

You love to play at the Dr's office- you tear the paper to shreds and enjoy smiling and talking to yourself in the mirror!! We are going to start giving you just a little bit of formula along with breastmilk and hopefully that will help you gain a little bit more weight. You love to eat cheerios and veggie puffs but unfortunately, they don't have tons of nutrients!

We took you to see the Dr yesterday and you weighed 16 lbs 10 oz (4%) and are now 27 1/4 in (15%) tall! You have really started to slim down now that you are constantly on the move!! You are feeling much better now and the Dr gave you a clean bill of health- we are now ok to go meet your new cousin Clara Beth and play with Makgill. You are also going to get to meet LOTS of mommy's family at Aunt Liz's wedding - they all can not wait to see you!! What a fun trip this will be now that our household is feeling better=)

Monday, June 12, 2006


Ok, so I am not sure who gave what to who last week. I had originally thought that Tallon had given us the GI virus, but Tallon came down with a 102.5 Fever ( rectal) on Friday morning at 4 AM. We spent most of the next 12 hrs trying to get his fever down and keep him hydrated. This was not as easy as you might think. By noon, Tallon would grab the syringe that I was using to try to get him to take just a small dropperfull of pedialyte and he would THROW IT on the ground- Yes, our little one is showing some signs of determination! So we spent most of Friday...
1) resting with Tallon asleep in our arms - he would wake up and starting crying as soon as you would lay him down
2) checking Rectal temps every 2 hrs
3)giving Tallon tylenol every 4 hrs
4) giving Tallon cool baths to try to help bring down his temp
5) desperately ( at times) trying to get Tallon to take just a small dropperful of pedialyte
6) calling the advice nurse at the Dr's office and our moms frequently for advice!!

As you can now tell, we survived and all is better! The temp came below 102 around noon and was 99.8 at 4 pm. For all those other young moms- I think it was when I finally starting giving Motrin plus Tylenol that he finally started to drop his fever. Just don't give them together ( 2 hrs apart).

Tallon sure was sweet, even though his cries and his little face were sooo pitiful! It is not easy to watch your child sick!!! I am soo thankful that this ordeal is over.

Laughs with Mom

Hi Dad! I think I might like to stay awake for a few minutes and see what is going on!
Mommy and I are talking about getting down on the floor and playing some!

Mommy is soo funny! Why would I want to get down and play when I can snuggle up and take a nap!

Hmmm, I sure do like the taste of this cherry tylenol. I think its time for some more.
Maybe if I shake it a little....

ok, how come I am not getting anything out of this Mom!?!?!?

Don't worry- Tallon was COMPLETELY supervised with the Tylenol and the tylenol was placed right back in the closet that night with our other medicines