Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sweet Pictures

Tallon was soo excited when I picked him up from mothers morning out. He has done really well- he goes every Wed morning from 9- 12. Today I managed to CLEAN our home while he was gone!! I have not cleaned our home this quickly in a LONG TIME- I am used to having to clean in spurts while Tallon is napping! His teachers say that he does really well and I am looking forward to having a morning to get a few things done every week. Tallon was in such a good mood after he ate lunch- that i decided to take a few more pictures of him!! I think they turned out great! They really show his sweet, happy personality!

Mothers Morning Out

Tallon looked like such a little boy this morning after i got him dressed for mothers morning out! It was cold out- so he got to wear his cousin Makgill's adorable alligator sweater!! Thanks for letting us borrow all the clothes you outgrew Makgill!

Check out those chubby cheeks when he grins!! sooo cute!

All in a Morning!

I took these pictures last week when Tallon still was not feeling quite up to his normal self- hence the reddened eyes and face. I really am enjoying this age bc Tal is soo busy and starting to really express himself and his likes and dislikes- he actually is trying to say words now and loves to clap, hit his knees, do the hokey-pokey and enjoys playing with his mommy! Hope you enjoy these pictures- Tal's attention span is pretty short so we managed to color, play with play-doh and write on his chalkboard (THANKS AUNT LIZ AND UNCLE MIKE FOR THE COOL CHRISTMAS GIFT! What a FUN morning!

Time for some milk!! Sorry- I did not get any pictures of him actually coloring but i had to stay close by to keep the crayons from being eaten! haha=) Tal has definitely improved over the last few times we had pulled out the crayons- he seems to be getting the hang of coloring- and likes to use lots of different colors!

Check out the squiggles around Tal's name- his mommy wrote his name on the chalkboard while Tallon drew sqiggly lines and tried a few "tastes" of the chalk!

No Morning is complete without a game of Peek-a-Boo!!


Now on to something else!

Tallon has recently figured out he can "climb" on top of his train table! Oh the Joys of being 16 months old!

Thanks for coming by and seeing a bit of what our mornings are like!

My Little Helper

Tallon has been a fan of the vacuum cleaner for quite some time now. He LOVES to help mommy vacuum- so much- that every morning and sometimes several times throughout the day- he will go to the laundry room door and just point and "tell me" (in his own words) that he wants the door open and once I open the door- he goes crazy wanting me to vacuum. Now, I like a clean house but he was wearing me out having to vacuum every day! His cousins Makgill and Clara Beth have a little vacuum at their house and that was his FAVORITE TOY to play with- no kidding- we would notice that Tal had wondered out the room and he would usually be in the kitchen VACUUMING UNDER THE KITCHEN CHAIRS!!!!! Isn't that crazy?!! but their vacuum broke recently so I finally went out to Toys R' Us and bought him the $11 BASIC vacuum- It is wonderful- HE LOVES IT and although he still likes "MY real vacuum- he def vacuums our house several times a day with his Dirt Devil- Like all other toys- it makes NOISE!!!! Unfortunately, I wished i had not shown him the button that turns the sounds on bc he only vacuums with the sounds on!!!!! Too funny, but cute anyways!

AHHH- if only Tal's vacuum would actually pick up dirt and debris- then i would never need to vacuum and always have a clean floor!!!

By the way- Hoover does make a child's vacuum that supposedly picks up debris- but the review were horrible online and i opted for the much cheaper vacuum!

Eating Like a Big Boy

Tallon recently started using a spoon and fork with his meals and yo-baby yogurt snacks=) He has become very good at it- and enjoys feeding himself! Meal times are still messy but more food is def making it into his mouth!!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hi everyone- it has been a while since i have really posted- it seems like January came and blew thru
our household rather quickly. It has been an extremely busy month for
us- I started working again- just one- 8 hr shift a week, but I had to
do the hospital orientation and then the nursing orientation and than
take several mandatory "classes" that the hospital requires new RN
staff to take so I pretty much spent 2 straight weeks at the hospital
from 8-5- OH HOW I MISSEDTALLON, but thankfully, he was very well taken care of by family, friends and a few highschool sitters.

it did wear on him and somewhere in all his goings and the weather
turning extremely FRIGID, he came down with a HORRIBLE stomach bug and
cold- it lasted a week- exactly a week! At one point, I was
spoon-feeding him water every 15 min or so trying to keep him hydratedbc
he could not keep anything down. He is not one of those kids who sleeps
when he is sick- so the lack of sleep really wore on Reeves and I, but
once again-thru our family's help- we survived!!!!!!! My mom and dad
came over one morning and cleaned our carpet (from the many throw-up
stains we had acquired due to this bug), let me take a nap and a hot
shower and fixed me homemade vegetable soup-AHHHHHH- relief for the weary!!! THANKS SOOO
MUCH!!!!! but, we survived and as of last Thursday- although we still
have a little bit of a runny nose and cough- we are able to go out
again and play and sleep and eat!!Tallon is still waking up around 4 am but we seem to be getting thru it and he is falling back asleep after a few min of crying!

So, it has been a busy, exhausting month but also a good month with lots to be thankful for- here are just a few of them:

1) FAMILY close by
2) our HEALTH
3) Reeves took his licensing exam 2 Sat ago (in the middle of all of Tal's sickness) and feels like it went very well- I am soo proud of him and all the hard work he spent in seminary for 3 yrs and now studying and preparing for this exam!
-he has started to really say "MOMMA" and "Dadda" and also "NO"!
- just yesterday he said "Please"- although it sounds more like Psss (like a snake hisses- but soo cute nonetheless!
-he is becoming quite the climber and still extremely busy!
-he has recently been in a Throwing stage- not very fun. but we are working thru
it and he has started to actually "roll" his cars across the floor and
tables- he seems to really show some interest in cars and trains now
-Tal still really LOVES his cheese and Yo-Baby yogurt- wanting it sometimes 3 x a day- we should buy stock in it=)

I am sure there is LOTS more, but it is always a JOY to get to wake up
and spent time with my precious baby boy- quickly growing up! I will
post pics soon-

OH- for all our Dallas friends- it looks like we
are going to get to come visit in April- prob around the 21st- would
love to see as many of you as possible!


Monday, January 22, 2007



I would just like to send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin Makgill- he turned 3 today- can you imagine... 3 yrs old. WOW! He is soo funny and very cool. I love to go play at his house with all of his toys- he is soo nice and shares and plays with me! I can not wait til i am older and can do things like him! Thanks for being an AWESOME BIG COUSIN MAKGILL! I LOVE YOU!
- Tal

PS. I really wanted to come to your party and ride on your new jeep while you drove but my mommy and daddy would not let me bc I was sick, but I think I am better now so please tell your mommy to plan another birthday party (with blue cake and icecream) so I can come to it!!=)
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Monday, January 15, 2007

MOMS- something to check into!

I was reading a parenting magazine the other day and they recommended these sippy cup labels. I do not know how many times I have tried permanent marker on Tal's cup and it just keeps coming off in the dishwasher so I have recently gone to just using paper and taping his name on the sippy cup- EVERY time we go to church, mothers morning out, etc. I think these look very cool so I have ordered some to try- will let you know how they work out but wanted to go ahead and send everyone the info in case they were interested. We figured that we would use these on sports bottles once Tallon is past sippy cups and playing sports or just at church!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Tallon LOVES his cousin Makgill- who is turning 3 in just a few days!! Reeves' aunt, uncle and cousin where in town today so we went to brunch with Reeves' family after church. It was DELICIOUS. Tallon was wonderful too- I was soo worried bc he normally takes a nap right after church bc he is soo exhausted from playing and we were not going to eat until 12:30 so I figured he would be overly exhausted and really whiny- not the case- Tal fell asleep in the car on the way over and since the weather has been soo wonderful here in SC the past few days- in the 70's!! We were able to eat outside on the porch- even better=) So I just placed Tallon in his stroller and he slept for most of our lunch-AHHH- a PEACEFUL, YUMMY lunch without any tiny hands grabbing at mommy's food!!! After he woke up, Tallon and Makgill watched the cars go by and played together- soo sweet!!!!

Buckled in and ready to go to church- now.... if only I could get my shoe off so I could get comfy for the 2 minute ride to church!
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Tal and Mommy


I can not believe my baby boy is going to be 16 months old tommorrow- where have the days gone. Tallon is soo big now!
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Ready for church


Tallon looked soo cute in his church outfit this morning that I wanted to grab a few pictures- Here he is clapping with daddy!
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Tallon is definitely becoming a daddy's boy- HE LOVES HIS DADDY!
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I think someone is not very happy right now!
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I love this little expression- check out his hair-do!
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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Capturing 2007 in photos

I just jumped on an idea someone suggested of taking one picture every day in the coming year to summarize the day and post them on a photoblog. I linked the photoblog photos on the sidebar. It seems like some days- we do the same thing- eat, sleep, play, play outside, etc, but i have really enjoyed looking back over the past few months on my blog and seeing how Tal has changed- this will be neat to simply have a picture or 2 of each day in which I can quickly review the year!!


Tallon loves his older cousin Makgill- they had lots of fun eating at the "kids" table tonight on the porch!


What happens when a 15 month old wakes up early, hardly takes a nap, and PLAYS extremely hard all day long????

He FALLS ASLEEP IN DADDY"S ARMS about 45 minutes BEFORE his normal bedtime!!!

Just a few of things Tal and I had done Friday- been to workout at the YMCA, played at the park with friends,and played outside at home! I guess it wore him out!

My New Favorite Picture

I caught this picture this morning as Tallon and I were hanging out together- he loves to rock in the rocking chair. Isn't that smile PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!! check out his lovie too- he clings to this thing when it is time for naps, bed or he is just waking up in the morning!

One my favorite things....

The house next to us- has a wheelchair accessible ramp and Tal has been attracted to it since the first day he noticed it- HE LOVES TO CLIMB UP IT, COME BACK DOWN and now that we have mastered that- he loves to take the ball and watch it roll down the ramp as he chases it. Our neighbor- Emily often comes over and plays also. The weather here has been soo nice lately that we have been playing outside a LOT and have especially enjoyed this ramp- It seems to provide endless entertainment. I have been keeping a close eye on him though bc i really do not want him to have a collision with the wood floor of the ramp!!! I think the pictures below sum up Tallon's love for life- running, balls and endless enthusiasm with anything pertaining to being outdoors- I do not know what I am going to do if it ever decides to really be winter and get cold here!!!!