Tuesday, October 28, 2008

She doesn't know I'm doing this...

and I hope she doesn't mind. But she sent me (sister-in-law, Aron) an invitation to post on her blog so I can update all of you when my beautiful niece makes her debut in 7 short weeks. So, I'm testing it out to see if it works, and while I'm at it I decided to post some pictures of Rebecca's cute hair from a couple of weeks ago. I think she was 38 weeks here. You look GREAT, Rebecca!

Thoughts by Tallon

Tallon and Daddy are in the middle of a serious game of tackle and football in the den, while mom is chilling on the couch- Tallon took a time out to say this.......

"My tummy starting to grow real big......
like your belly" (pointing at mommy)

Friday, October 24, 2008

33 weeks

I am posting the next picture because I like this "angle " better.
Well, this week has flown by- I had my Dr Appt last Monday- everything went well and I was measuring on target, BP looks good, not really any swelling and he set the Definite date for Dec 3rd. We are hoping to have the OR for a 7:30 delivery time. We had small group Monday night.

Tues- Tallon and I headed to storytime at the library and enjoyed the day together!

Wed- I worked a 12 hr shift in the unit- EXHAUSTING! I joked with everyone that I needed a crown with "Blood Queen" on it as I spent most of the day hanging a blood product of some type up for my patients!

Thursday- Tallon and I stayed in our PJ's until 3:30 in the afternoon- I cleaned out 2 closets and we played and read books before getting ready to head over to Pop and Mimi's for a DELICIOUS fried shrimp dinner!!! I stayed after dinner and Mom gave me some basic sewing lessons so that I can attempt to make a doll for Clara Beth and Tess and some fun burp cloths!

Friday- I ran some errands while Tal was at school and than Mom and Dad came over and helped me put china in our new china cabinet and clean up Tess's room and the living room!! We also hung a mirror up in the kitchen. Thanks soo much for all your help mom and dad!! Our house is finally ( after almost living here for 2 months- starting to feel like things are put together! Reeves has a Walk Thru the Bible conference that he is leading tonight and tom morning. and Tallon has TWO birthday parties tom so Saturday is looking to be just as busy!!

I am feeling pretty good though and having fun putting the finishing touches on Tess's room- I hot-glued some cute fringe on the chandelier shades today and also bought some name letters to put up in her room (50% off at H0bby Lobby!!) Mom is still working on the curtains but they should be completed in another week!

and just because I think he is going to be THE CUTEST Big Brother!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday LILI

LiLi's birthday was yesterday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILI! We celebrated in big style with a delicious lasagna dinner and a yummy chocolate cake for desert. The kids all loved singing Happy birthday to LiLi and licking the candles after they helped LiLi blow them out!!
We love you LiLi- Have FUN in Disney World!!

Here are several pictures of LiLi with her 3 grandchildren from Thursday afternoon. The kids were reading Brown Bear to LiLi! It is crazy to think that the next time LiLi's birthday comes- she will have 5 grandkids- I am sure the kids will figure out a way for everyone to get in her lap- they love their LiLi!


Makgill and Clara Beth came over to play for the afternoon on Thursday. Tallon LOVES his cousins soo much and was excited they came over. I had a little pumpkin craft for them to make out of paper bags so we did that for awhile and then the boys jumped on the jeep for some fast riding while Clara Beth continued to make her pumpkin "pretty"! She definitely enjoyed the art project more than the boys=) Aron had brought over a movie for the kids to watch and have "quiet time".... ummm.. that lasted about 5 minutes and they were all racing around my house so needless to say... everybody ( including mommy!) was EXHAUSTED Thursday night.
the boys painting their pumpkins
Clara Beth painting her "pretty pumpkin"!
off they go!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7 weeks to go

I hit the 32 week marker today- only 7 more weeks until we get to meet Tess. December 3rd seems to be creeping up quickly.!
We have been "debating" names for a while now and finally have decided to go with
Tessa Nell Cannon
I LOVE IT- definitely girly and she will carry on my grandmother's name- Nell. I am close to my Nana so this is very special to me. Reeves wanted to stick to names that start with "T" and we both like Tessa so there you go. We plan on calling her Tess.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

31 weeks

Well, I am soo far behind on the blog, but thought I would atleast post a few pictures from our weekend away last weekend. Reeves and I decided to head to the beach for 1 last weekend away before the baby arrives in 8 weeks- That's right- 8 weeks from yesterday! I can not believe how fast these months have gone by! Tallon spent the weekend at my parents and would not let me unpack his suitcase on Monday because "I might go spend the night at Mimi and Pops and play on the jet skiis." That's right..... our child had 1 night at home with us and thought he might would like to go back to Mimi and Pop's home.... hmmmm!

We missed Tallon but had a WONDERFUL weekend away. I enjoyed a little bit of shopping at the outlets and read a book while sitting down by the pool ( we forgot our beach chairs). Reeves still managed to get to watch some college football on Saturday and we got to go see the movie FireProo! We enjoyed eating at a Brazilian Steakhouse ( Rioz)- talk about delicious! I am not normally a huge meat eater but I thoroughly enjoyed trying all the different cuts of meat and believe it or not- Reeves actually was full before I was. By the way. can i tell you how PROUD I am of my husband.... while I have been eating just about constantly and growing a baby, he has been exercising and totally watching his diet and has lost approx 15 lbs the last 3 months ( I laughed the other night because I have basically "put on" every lb he has lost!- I had gained a total of 13.7 lbs at my last OB appt on Monday)! Reeves looks fantastic and I am completely in awe of his will-power ( mostly because I have ZERO willpower when it comes to eating- especially chocolate!!)

Well- I did manage to have Reeves take a picture of our 31 week baby girl!! She is definitely GROWING!