Monday, June 23, 2008

IT'S A .....

Boys will be Boys

The Joys of having a little boy around this house! I ran across quite a few pictures from the past month that I have never gotten around to posting, but I thought they were soo cute and nicely depict what our day to day life is like with a little boy... TRULY EXCITING!

nothing like hanging out at the park.....

can you guess who Tal is looking at......
this kid LOVES his DADDY ( and I do too!!)
Playing choo choo trains
(on this particular day- Tallon had set up a choo-choo train wash - like a car wash- and was taking his trains thru the wash to get clean!=) ha- such imagination!
Oh- if only I could remember ALL the animals we have found lately.. turtles, snakes and on this particular day..... a FROG provided LOTS of entertainment!

this little boy LOVES boots and his tricycle!
*check out that cheesy grin!
splashing in the water!
Thank you Lord for this precious gift of a SON!


We were waiting patiently for the phone call from Mimi and Pop last night saying that they had arrived back in the states. In the meantime though- I decided we needed some brownies! YUMMY! I have always enjoyed the batter leftover in the bowl- and since I can't have any- I let Tallon have a spoonful!
I think somebody enjoyed it very much!


We have been spending lots of time in the pool lately, mainly because it is soo HOT!! and my parents have been very gracious to allow us to use their pool whenever and even invite our friends- LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

I am not sure who enjoy the pool more..... the kids or the crazy dads!


I did not grow up in the same city as any of my cousins, but one of the joys of being near family is definitely COUSINS! Just about every day Tallon asks to see Mak and/or Clara Beth. Aron and the kids came over Sat night while Collin photographed a wedding. It is EXTREMEY RARE for all 3 kids to be still, much less still at the same time and in close proximity. Although- they do sometimes give hugs. The older the boys get, the more rare the hugs are and the more WILD they all get! For some reason though, Saturday night was one filled with HUGS, LAUGHTER and lots of COUSIN LOVE!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

15 weeks

well.... we had our 15 week Dr appt on Wed AM and everything looks good. I am still having a hard time keeping down my prenatal vitamins so I am now trying the generic ones out to see if I can stomach those better! Other than that- I feel GREAT! I am getting more and more excited about baby Cannonball!! Tal and I are enjoying our summer days- we have been picking blueberries and blackberries at Mimi and Pop's house and SWIMMING with friends a LOT lately. It is soo hot here and it is very nice to just hang out in the pool!! plus the pool wears Tal out and he takes GREAT naps!!I am def starting to get a little "pooch" so I will have to post a pic soon ( when I get someone to take 1 of me! We actually found out on Tues afternoon what we are having but I will save that for another post- once we actually tell my parents! ( there are on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic and will be home late Sunday! ) If you don't know what we are having- you are welcome to post guesses. I have a great video clip of Tallon with the BIG announcement so I will post it as soon as all family knows!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

you are my help-mate, the 1 man created by God for me
it has been a blessing to watch you as a "Dad"
Tallon adores you....
and so do I!

Thank you for leading our family in a God- honoring way!
Rebecca, Tallon and Cannonball #2


You have given me
the strength of
the power of Love,
the comfort of Friendship,
the safety of Wisdom,

the freedom of Truth,
the healing of Laughter,
and the foundation of FAITH...
your daughter.....

by the way...
I have searched all of my digital pics for a picture of you and I and there is not one so when you get back home... we are taking a picture!!!!! =)

Cannon Beach Week

My camera has been acting really funny lately- a few weekends ago- we went to my cousin's wedding in Mississippi and it would not work- I thought that I had used up the life of my rechargeable batteries so when we got back home- I immediately went and bought new batteries. Well- ever since than- even with new batteries that are FULLY charged- my camera won't let me take any pics- the screen keeps flashing up "Change batteries"!!! YIKES~ I sure do hope we can figure out the problem. I love being able to take pics and really missed out on some fun ones of our time with Reeves's family this past week. Thankfully, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-laws ALL had camera's and have graciously allowed me to use their pictures on our blog. Thank you Aron for letting me borrow some of your pictures- you ( and Collin too), both are fantastic photographers and I always love the images you grab of my son and our family!! Thank you for being willing to photograph my child too!!!! Be sure to check out their blog for even more fantastic pics depicting our week at Ocean Isle!!

I have never been to Ocean Isle before but Reeves grew up vacationing there and kept telling me how much I was going to love it. Well..... he was right. Reeves's parents rented an AWESOME house on a canal ( which you could SWIM in at high tide- sooo fun), it had a pier that allowed the kids to FISH ( one of Tal's favorite activities of the week) and a pool ( we spent lots of afternoons hanging out at the pool)- sooo fun!!! PLUS- the BEACH was only a few blocks away. Tallon swam, played, laughed, cried, ate LOTS of food, napped and headed straight back out to the water or pier to fish. He is 1 exhausted little boy ( and I am pretty sure my neice and nephew are pretty worn out also!!) I love having the 3 kids soo close in age -Makgill- 4 yrs, Tallon ( almost 3) and Clara Beth- 2 yrs. They really loved swimming and fishing together, chasing each other and just hanging out. Nothing like family!!!

I just "borrowed" a few of Aron and Collin's pics to show you a small taste of our week at the beach!

Reeves and Makgill throwing the ball on the beach!
Sweet, Spunky Clara Beth!

Fishing on the pier- The boys actually got really good at casting their rods

Swimming in the canal-
I am not usually a huge fan of swimming in the ocean but the canal
was so refreshing to jump into in the afternoons!

My happy boy playing in the sand
( see Aron's blog for pics of what shortly happened afterward!)

I think I transferred this pic funny- but Tallon loved playing with Makgill!

The whole Cannon Crew hanging out on the beach 1 evening after dinner~

The guys (and Clara Beth) buried Uncle Collin and Makgill 1 morning~

My child rarely eats fruit- especially apples but I would carry an apple with me to the beach to eat each morning and quickly had Tallon and Clara Beth asking for some.
I learned to carry 2 apples- 1 for me, 1 for Tal and Clara Beth to share!
The Grangers came down for a night and Lilah got in on the apple sharing also=)

I think this might be my new FAVORITE PICTURE OF TALLON!
Thank you Collin!!

Thanks again LiLi, Boom- Boom, Andrew, Erin, Collin, Aron, Makgill and Clara Beth
for a fantastic week hanging out at the beach
for all the attention, hugs and love you shared with Tallon!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Guess where we are

at the beach..... and having a blast!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

note: Check out the 2nd post below for updated photos of Baby #2 at 12 weeks!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


This morning, Reeves and Tallon fixed waffles for breakfast so we all sat down in our chairs, with Leah in the exersaucer. Reeves went to pray and Tal said "No Daddy, Let ME Pray", so we did... the following is Tal's AM Prayer....

Dear God
Thank You for letting my mommy let Mak come to my house tommorrow
Thank You my mommy is home now
Thank You Baby Leah is here

Just a few side notes- I looked up at Reeves at the close of Tal's prayer and said did he just say.... repeat prayer and Reeves said Yes he did- we both found his prayer quite sweet and funny!

-as Tallon prayed for Mak to come to his house tom- he looked up at me with this HUGE smile- like PLEASE Can he come for real!!

-I worked last night so it absolutely melted my heart to hear him say that he is GLAD I am home now!!!

-Today is our last day keeping Leah and I know 1 little boy who is going to REALLY miss having this sweet little girl in our home weekly!!