Thursday, January 31, 2008


Since Pop is out of town and Reeves works late on Tues nights- Mimi came over for spaghetti with Tallon and I. Tallon LOVED wrestling with her on the floor and they played blocks and read a book together! I grabbed the camera to take a few pictures and Tallon almost immediately said "Cheese" (SORRY Uncle Collin) and stood up next to Mimi grinning as he asked me take his picture with Mimi!! soooo cute! Usually this kid HATES having his picture taken- he would rather TAKE a picture of someone!

He even let me get a picture of him "kissing" Mimi!
What a Fun evening-Thanks for coming over Mom- We love you!


My dad- aka "POP"left this past Saturday for a 2 week medical mission trip to Honduras. Of course- Tallon and I had to go see him before he left, so we had some quality hang out time Friday morning and than Saturday morning after Carlisle's birthday party- Reeves, Tal and I headed back over to tell Pop bye-bye- one more time! I brought my camera, but silly me- I left it in the car during our visit- atleast I grabbed these 2 shots as we were loading up.

A few notes to remember-

My dad usually picks Tallon up from mothers morning out (on the days that I work- usually once a week) and than they head to McDonalds where Pop buys Tallon his very own happy meal ( frugal mommy here makes him split whatever she orders!), they play on the playground and than dad carries him home for his nap and I usually pick him up shortly after he wakes up. Tallon LOVES these times- he often sees one of his McDonald toys around the house and quickly tells whoever is nearby that "Pop got me that"!
so- on Monday- I dropped Tal off at MMO, Picked him up and Tal looked at me and said "Pop get me"- I said No, remember Pop is gone- he is in Honduras ( and have Tal repeat Honduras- it sounds hilarious- more like "Duras" in Tallon speech! so we walk out to our car and Tallon again asks for Pop- THANKFULLY, Reeves was home for lunch Monday so Tallon was excited to see Daddy!!

Wed- Reeves drops Tal off at MMO- as Reeves tells Tallon Bye- Tal looks at him and says "Pop get me"- OH BOY- HERE WE GO AGAIN! Evidently Tallon was NOT happy that Pop was not going to pick him up!

All that to say.... WE MISS YOU POP and are praying for you in "Duras" everyday ( sometimes several times a day!)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Tallon was previously on Zyrtec but is not longer needing it- well our pharmacy- Walgreens sent us a $5.00 coupon off of Zyrtec ( must be used at Walgreens) and it exp 8/30/08. If anyone could use this- send me your info and I will be glad to mail it to you!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Tallon is trying to drop his nap some days, but oh- he still REALLY needs a nap, or atleast Mommy NEEDS him to take a nap. Some days, he just plays in his room and other days, he will fall asleep. Well, he was exhausted this afternoon but really FIGHTING taking a nap- finally, I heard nothing, so I peek around the corner and this is what I saw....

A nap on the floor will work for today, although I would have preferred he nap in his bed. but do not worry- Boz is napping in the bed, under the covers, exactly where Tallon told him "Night Night earlier!

I did it Mommy!

I was catching up on several emails the other evening and Tallon was playing quietly nearby and all of a sudden I heard a LOUD "I PUT TRAIN TOGETHER MOMMY, I DID IT" with his hands clapping and a HUGE grin- I just had to grab a picture! Someone gave us this carry case with trains in it and Tallon figured out how to attach the trains to each other all by himself ( they are NOT the magnetic kind). What a BIG boy!! He just LOVES to play with trains!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fun Pictures

Check out Tallon's cousins' blog here for some FUN pictures of my little boy at the park the other week. I am soo enjoying having a professional ( and really good) photographer in the family!! Thanks Collin ( and Aron) for always being willing to capture Tallon for me- I know Reeves and I will cherish these photographs for years.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where we have been

sooo, you have not heard from us in a while......

We have been busy......

POTTY TRAINING!!Tallon has been asking to go to the bathroom when he sees his big cousin Mak or us go to the bathroom and when we would put him on the toilet- he would go. sooo we decided to give it a try!
How is it going?!?!??Surprisingly well! We started last Thursday, and after trying several different "treats" for going in the potty- I have discovered that lollipops are the BEST motivator for this little boy! He has actually gone #2 in the potty twice for me and has started telling me when he needs to go potty, so we are inching away from having to constantly set the timer and go potty every 15 minutes! Talk about exhausting- do not start potty training if you have a lot going on! We are still having to place LOTS of focus on it and remind Tallon to go ( especially when he really just wants to PLAY! so we shall see... keep us in your prayers! I am already planning how I can spend all this money that will be freed up when we don't have to buy diapers!!!!!!!


Reeves writes Tallon a letter every year around January 1st. (Something he will give to Tallon when he is older or for Tallon to have in case something ever happens to Reeves). He also puts a picture of he and Tallon in each letter. As is the case here in SC- the weather was warm and my 2 guys were hanging out in the yard. Tallon love, love, LOVES his daddy- He wants to Daddy to do everything with him and if Daddy is around- he rarely wants mommy. Reeves is a fantastic father and I love watching them interact! I am not sure which picture Reeves will pick to put in the letter but here are a few of my favs from that warm day in January!I had to laugh looking at this picture- they look SOOO alike!! check out that smile, the eyes both squinting and the lack of hair on both Tallon and Reeves=)
I love you both soooo much!