Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Look at that adorable smile! What a cutie!
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tallon and mommy on the front steps after our walk last night!
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YEAH!!! (clap, clap, clap!)

Intense Concentration!

YEAH TALLON!(Clap, Clap, Clap and a Big Smile)

Now for the orange star!

YEAH TALLON (Clap, Clap, Clap and another Big Smile)

Unfortunatly, My camera has a 5 sec delay and I could not catch a photo of Tallon cheering for himself after he puts each star on! We have been playing with this toy for several weeks now, but Tal would get soo frustrated when he could not get the pieces on by himself! This past Saturday, he did it ALL by himself for the first time- he was so cute- He would just put them all on, smile and clap and than dump it over and start again- over and over- He was soo proud of his new accomplishment! What a BIG BOY!


Tallon is an active little boy- He still enjoys going outdoors LOTS, but the weather here is getting chilly- winter is definitely approaching!
His feet now touch the ground when he sits on his tricycle so he enjoys riding around our house ( and outdoors when I let him), unfortunately, he has not mastered turning yet- so I follow him around and help turn him once he hits a wall or some other object!

Tal also enjoys "pretending" to mow the grass!! He loves this little lawn mower that makes a POPPING noise everwhere you go! Come to the
Cannon household and you will hear lots of NOISE!!

My favorite part- when Tal decides to take a break from playing and come give mommy a smile, hug and kiss!!! Melts my heart!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go Away,
Come Again Another Day,
This little boy cannot go outside
as long as you are here!

This is how Tallon spent most of the day yesterday..... Standing at the front door, pleading to go outside. Unfortunately, it was raining! For a child who hardly spent any amount of time outdoors his first year of life ( we lived in an apartment where people let their dogs go anywhere- and there was hardly any grass plus we lived in Dallas where it gets HOT so needless to say, we spent most of our time indoors or at the mall playing or at a friends house playing.) Now that we have a house with a yard, we have been going outside in the morning and in the afternoon just because the weather has been so nice and Tallon LOVES to be outside!
Anyways, Tal was not happy he could not go outside and at one point, he ran and got his shoes and brought them back to me, he sat down and looked at me like... Aren't you going to put these on so we can go outside. ( We always put on shoes before we go outside!!) it was really cute. It finally slowed down to just a slight drizzle, so I picked him up and out the door we went. We ended up having a great time- I wish i had taken a picture of us afterwards because we were both extremely dirty- me from planting pansies and Tallon from digging in the dirt!!! Posted by Picasa
OH, I am soo close- I can see it, I can hear it, if only I could figure out how to get there! Posted by Picasa
OUTSIDE Mommy- That is what I want to do!!
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Now what should I do with this green thing!?
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hmmmm.... turn it over and out comes DIRT!!
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The finished project

I must say.... I was very pleased with how the containers turned out!! They look great on our porch and add some wonderful color! I am happy to say that Tallon left a few petals on the flowers for me to enjoy until some more come!!! Posted by Picasa

Front Steps

Tallon LOVES our front steps- he normally climbs straight up them on his hands and knees, but yesterday he decided to try a different approach- it was interesting to watch him concentrate and really think thru each movement!! He was entertained for quite some time!! Thankfully, he still wants me to carry him DOWN the steps- I have been trying to work with him and get him to sit and slide down one step at a time but he is not quite patient enough with that approach just yet and lifts his hands up and grunts, wanting me to carry him down!! Atleast we are not diving off the stairs- but i am having to watch him very closely!! Posted by Picasa
One More Step
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Check out that intense concentration as he practices climbing up and down!
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Tallon in the middle of a game of Peek-a-Boo from the front steps!
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Daddy's Home!

Tallon LOVES to see his daddy pull up in the driveway at the end of the day. We have playing outside most afternoons so we get to watch Daddy drive down the street and pull up. Tallon gets sooo excited- i can not understand how he can be grumpy one minute and than Daddy is here and he is all smiles!! It is soo cute to see his expressions and watch he and Reeves interact! Reeves is a Superb Dad and I love watching him in action!
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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Tallon gets a little bit- ok- make that MAJORLY jealous whenever I hold another baby- especially, if i hold his cousin Clara Beth!! He starts fussing and trying to climb up my legs and reaching for me- he just DOES NOT LIKE his mommy holding anyone but him. What is crazy, is that as soon as I give the baby back- he wants down and he will go right on playing or exploring!!!
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Clara Beth just can not understand why Tallon makes such a FUSS about her being in her Aunt Rebecca's arms!!
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Tallon loves his older cousin- Makgill!! He kept trying to lean over and give him hugs last night at Linda's birthday celebration- it was sooo cute!! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday LiLi!

Happy Birthday LiLi- Tallon was a little upset when he found out that it was not his birthday again!!! We love you! I can't believe i did not get any pictures of you with Tallon!!! Enjoy Disney World. Posted by Picasa

Mommy's little boy

I just love this picture of Tal- His expressions and smiles are soo sweet these days. He is ALL BOY- check out the multiple bruises, scratches and bangs on just his face!! He loves to explore and plays hard when he is awake!! He continues to be cuddly and I love it when he gives me kisses!! Posted by Picasa

Just My Size

Some family friends of ours children had outgrown this adorable kids size table and chairs so they brought it over Wednesday for us to have!!! It has already been thru three boys so this table and chairs has soo much character! I put it out on the deck until we can sand it and restain it, but Tallon discovered it Friday afternoon and had a BLAST playing with the chair. He would walk up, sit himself down, try to make it rock and just giggle, then he would twist himself around and look out the back side and than around he came again and would stand himself up- ALL BY HIMSELF!! It is the perfect height for him right now! Thanks Colones family for this treat!! Posted by Picasa

A Refreshing Time

Reeves had a counseling conference at Simons Island, Georgia this past Thursday so we decided to leave Tal with our family and take 2 nights to enjoy some time together. It was absolutely wonderful- Reeves thoroughly enjoyed the conference and gained some great info that will help him as he develops a pre-marital counseling plan and curriculum and I enjoyed some time with my hubby as well as managing to read 2 books and get some rest!!! =) St Simons is a beautiful coastal town ( well, actually, it is an island). I enjoyed walking thru many fun shops (Bailey Boys is located there and I loved walking thru their clearance section of clothes- a HUGE roomful, but thankfully, my mom is making Tallon several ADORABLE outfits for this fall and winter so I only browsed ( Reeves was esp Thankful!) We ate at several great restaurants and had some wonderful seafood!

We had WONDERFUL Fall weather- it was perfect for walking around!

Reeves and I at the pier.

Friday morning, on our way back to Florence, we stopped to see Savannah, Georgia. Neither of us had ever been to Savannah and figured it would be a nice break out of the car. Plus, we have heard sooo many wonderful comments about Paula Deen's restaurant that we wanted to try it out for ourselves! We both had the lunch buffet- which includes desert and it was DELICIOUS!! I left completely stuffed- it was a good thing we still had 3 hrs left in the car so I could catch a nap!! If you are ever in Savannah- I HIGHLY suggest you try this restaurant!

Reeves in front of the restaurant- it is 3 stories- all filled with tables!! We ate on the 3rd floor!

This is the LINE we had to wait in at 10:20 in the morning to simply put our name on the list. Thankfully, they had a slot for a table at 12:15. So we just walked around Savannah until time to eat. By the time, we arrived at 12:10 to be seated- there was a sign up in front of here saying that there were no more tables available that day!!!! Isn't that crazy- they evidently keep all 3 floors busy ALL day long!! Our waiter told us that most people work there for yrs because it is busy your whole shift!

Reeves and I stopped for a picture on our way out!
(Country cooking makes us Good Lookin'!!!)