Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Little Helper

Tallon has been a fan of the vacuum cleaner for quite some time now. He LOVES to help mommy vacuum- so much- that every morning and sometimes several times throughout the day- he will go to the laundry room door and just point and "tell me" (in his own words) that he wants the door open and once I open the door- he goes crazy wanting me to vacuum. Now, I like a clean house but he was wearing me out having to vacuum every day! His cousins Makgill and Clara Beth have a little vacuum at their house and that was his FAVORITE TOY to play with- no kidding- we would notice that Tal had wondered out the room and he would usually be in the kitchen VACUUMING UNDER THE KITCHEN CHAIRS!!!!! Isn't that crazy?!! but their vacuum broke recently so I finally went out to Toys R' Us and bought him the $11 BASIC vacuum- It is wonderful- HE LOVES IT and although he still likes "MY real vacuum- he def vacuums our house several times a day with his Dirt Devil- Like all other toys- it makes NOISE!!!! Unfortunately, I wished i had not shown him the button that turns the sounds on bc he only vacuums with the sounds on!!!!! Too funny, but cute anyways!

AHHH- if only Tal's vacuum would actually pick up dirt and debris- then i would never need to vacuum and always have a clean floor!!!

By the way- Hoover does make a child's vacuum that supposedly picks up debris- but the review were horrible online and i opted for the much cheaper vacuum!

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caden jon said...

Oh my! We HAVE to get one of those for Caden! He's obsessed with the vacuum, too! Used to be scared to death of it, but now we can hardly vacuum cause he's all over it! Thanks for the good idea!We miss yall! I think Tal and Cade would have fun together!