Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Night Out

or so we had planned!!

Tues evening- Reeves came home from work and announced that he had gotten a babysitter and had reservations for a night out for us at a very nice restaurant in town!! I was excited but a little apprehensive as Tallon has had MAJOR separation anxiety ever since we moved back in Sept and it has made leaving him anywhere- including the church nursery quite difficult- think mulitple pages out of church due to your child screaming!! He also has recently started crying soo hard that he gags himself and throws up- YES- it is soo wonderful!!!!!!! Up to now, we have been very blessed and have always left Tal with close friends or family but we hate to bug our families every time we would like a few hrs out so we figured this would be a good night to try!! Well, we gave out the instructions, phone numbers, call us if he does not quit crying in an hr!! anyways- we make it to the restaurant, enjoy a yummy spinach artichoke dip appetizer and had just gotten our salads when the phone rings- UH_OH- OH NO- OH YES- not only has he been screaming, he JUST THREW UP!!!!!! the poor babysitter! she said she had the worst headache all that night ( I saw her the next night at church!!)so, "YES- we will come home- just let us get our food to go- go ahead and put him in the tub and we will be there shortly! well, the chef had to finish cooking our meal so it took about 15 minutes before we arrived home to... a SCREAMING CHILD sitting in the bathtub with his clothes on, holding his paci and lovie- poor kid- what parents would torture their child by leaving him home with a babysitter!?! ummmm.. US!! Anyways- Reeves and I now laugh about it and actually did enjoy our meals while dining on the floor of our very own den in our comfy pjs (with my pearls still on!!! ) Tallon thoroughly enjoyed the bread and the potatoes that came with my meal and has decided he would like to go on all our dates with us.... UMM- we THINK NOT!!!!!!!!

I actually left him the next morning for his first day at mothers morning out- I LOVE his teachers and they said he did wonderful soo maybe we will start getting past the separation anxiety soon!!!!!! I hope soo- bc i start working PRN next week and it is going to be difficult to keep a babysitter if he throws up and screams at them every time they come babysit!! THankfully, I am only going to be working the 3-11 pm shift one night a week- so really, he will ONLY have to be with someone else for mayb 2 hrs until Dad gets home from work!! Please be praying for us as we all transition!! and enjoy the picture from our date!


caden jon said...

oh my goodness! That story is priceless- I'm sitting at the computer laughing out loud. Thanks for sharing! Poor Tal!
We'll pray that he gets better about having a babysitter. Hey- at least you know he really loves you guys a lot! ;)
He's so cute.

Chrys and Mike said...

Bless your hearts! That's so sad! I am glad you're committed to getting away and spending time together--that's so important. We're terrible about that!!! :O

We'll pray it gets better.


Michael & Meaghan said...

That story is priceless. I can't imagine how you felt coming home to your baby like that. Is that what I have to look forward to in a few months?