Monday, January 22, 2007



I would just like to send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin Makgill- he turned 3 today- can you imagine... 3 yrs old. WOW! He is soo funny and very cool. I love to go play at his house with all of his toys- he is soo nice and shares and plays with me! I can not wait til i am older and can do things like him! Thanks for being an AWESOME BIG COUSIN MAKGILL! I LOVE YOU!
- Tal

PS. I really wanted to come to your party and ride on your new jeep while you drove but my mommy and daddy would not let me bc I was sick, but I think I am better now so please tell your mommy to plan another birthday party (with blue cake and icecream) so I can come to it!!=)
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