Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our home has been filled with boxes for a few weeks now and this weekend we have hit the road full speed to get things packed up! It has actually gone really smoothly ( this is our 3rd move in 3 yrs and I told Reeves that I think we actually have this packing thing down!). Reeves packed the cord that goes from my camera to the comp to download pics so you will have to wait awhile to see any of the pics that I have taken but 2 funny stories that I wanted to share.

First- Tallon has started to notice my belly. Friday- it seemed like all he did was "run into my belly" and get distracted by it. He kept pointing at it and saying "Its going up" ( his version of getting bigger!) I was beginning to think that I would not survive the next 3 months with Tallon soo distracted bc it was taking him TWICE as long to do everything ( especially pottying bc he would just want to point and talk about my belly!) I am definitely feeling every bit ( and maybe some more) of the 23 weeks that I am. My bladder and back are both looking forward to Dec when the baby will come OUT and I am thoroughly enjoying feeling baby girl kick and move around LOTS!!

Friday evening, Reeves and I packed up the closets, Tallon's room and den. Tallon has been soo good, playing quietly with boxes and helping at times, but pretty much entertaining himself which has been VERY helpful! Reeves was packing up our dvd's and he called me when he got done- he was holding about 4 EMPTY BOZ cases and an empty Cedermont Kids Toddler Action Bible song DVD case. hmmm.. we have watched pretty much all of those dvds in the past week so I could not figure out HOW on earth we had lost all those dvds.

I asked Tallon if he knew where his dvd's where.

He just gave me this look and said " I don't know"

..... fast forward a few hrs later. I am watching the Olympics and chilling on the couch and notice Tallon's Cars suitcase out of the corner of my eye.

"Hey Tallon- You did not happen to put your DVD's in your suitcase did you?!?"

no Mommy.

"Well, how about bringing your suitcase over here and let's see what is in it......

Tallon rolled the suitcase over, gave me a smile and unzipped the suitcase, holding up 5 DVD's- HERE THEY ARE MOMMY!! " Evidently, in the midst of all of our packing.. Tallon was packing his prize possessions as well.... including... the dvd's, several balls and some trucks!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


It is hard to believe that in another week- we will be moving out of this home and in to another home!! We have seen a bunny in our backyard several times this summer, but usually when Tallon tries to get close the Bunny hops away... very quickly! Pop and Mimi were over for a little while to see Tal this afternoon and during a great game of baseball in the backyard- Pop noticed the bunny. Tallon and Mimi quietly moved closer to check it out up close! You have to look really carefully at the right side of picture to see the bunny!


Tallon loves to sing , dance and play his guitar. I managed to grab these pictures tonight as he was singing away!!! He is definitely our little "performer"!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Tallon's comment to me tonight as we were sitting outside on our steps watching Daddy leave to go to a meeting.....
"I always sit outside on the steps and watch people when they go bye-bye"

Monday, August 11, 2008


I am looking to update/change my blog up a little. I have been trying to come up with a catchy title for our blog since... in just 3 more months- this blog will not just be..... "All About Tal". I would love to know if anyone has any fun suggestions!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Prayer Requests

I don't do this often, but I have two friends ( both in different parts of the country) who would appreciate your prayers.

Shelley and her family- Chris, Carson, Eli and Baby Elliana- Their previous Ultrasounds had brought up some questionable concerns, but thru God's Grace- Elliana Mae arrived last Friday and she is sooo precious. She has been diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and Shelley and her husband Chris are having to make many decisions regarding Elliana and her care. Please pray for God's wisdom and strength for them and for his Peace throughout this time. I met Shelley at nursing school in Clemson and knew both she and her husband ( although not very well). They both love the Lord and it has been a blessing to walk beside them, praying for them at this time and see their Faith in Christ Jesus alone!

Laura and her family- Hunter, Eli and soon to arrive... Baby Chase- We met Laura and Hunter through our young marrieds class in Dallas back years ago and were part of several small group studies with them. What a fantastic couple! Their son-- hopefully arriving in early September will need to be in heart surgery within 3 hrs of birth. I know that God already knows Baby Chase intimately and Is the Great Physician so please pray with them and for them.. for God's Peace, Strenth and Wisdom as they too face many nights in ICU waiting rooms, and meetings with Dr's discussing options for Chase!

Friday, August 01, 2008


or rather... maybe I should now classify Tallon as having full- blown temper tantrums. Although prior to this week, I have seen Tal's "sin nature" and temper tantrum ability come out, it has NEVER been as severe as the past two days.

I have entered a new "stage". I have become "that mom". Yes, you know- the one who LEAVES the grocery cart full of groceries in the middle of the store and walks out, all the while holding a kicking, hitting and screaming red-faced toddler in her arms.

I have now spend 2 different times sitting in the front seat of my car, with Tal screaming his head off in the backseat. for atleast 15 minutes. No music, just some air-conditioning ( it has been HOT here and I am 5 months pregnant!) and a very unhappy child.

What has happened to my "sweet,laid-back, usually obediant" boy?!?! I really hope I can find him so that we can go out in public again together.

Give me wisdom in knowing how to appropriately discipline and raise up this child to know you, love you and serve you! Give me patience! Help me to be consistent!

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.