Monday, February 05, 2007


Happy Birthday Boom-Boom!! Today is Reeves' dad Birthday! We all were able to celebrate with him on Saturday evening. Tallon is getting more used to birthday parties now and he really enjoyed watching the candles and eating the yummy cake and ice-cream. He even made his first birthday card- well, I should say he HELPED make it. We colored on a card and he gave it to Boom-Boom for his Birthday!! Thanks for being an excellent Dad, Father-In-Law and Grandad! You truly are a Great example! Hope you have a special birthday!! we love you!

Boom- Boom and Makgill and Tallon watching LiLi light the candles!

Boom-Boom showing the boys how it is done=)

It looks like the guys are ready for the good stuff now--- CAKE!

Tallon LOVES cake and ice-cream!

Tallon loves his Uncle Andrew!

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Erin

Uncle Collin with Clara-Beth

Aunt Aron and the boys checking out the trees in LiLi and Boom-Boom's yard!

Makgill and Tallon spent some quality time playing- well BANGING- on the piano! Tallon would clap and dance while Makgill played! Cousins are so much fun!

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