Tuesday, September 30, 2008

30 weeks

WOW- I hit the 30 week mark today! It feels like this pregnancy is flying by... and it is- only 9 more weeks and the baby will be here=) Reeves worked hard ALL weekend painting the room- including the trim- Thank you soo much sweetheart!!! we just have the ceiling left to paint and we can start moving the furniture in. I still look at the pink walls and think..... WOW- we are really having a GIRL!! It blows my mind after all of the blue and balls and trucks we have been around the past 3 yrs with sweet Tallon! I still am WAY way behind on blogging- I have pics from our birthday bash with friends Luke and Anna 2 weeks ago and several fun photos of our days with Tallon, but I am tired so thus, blogging will have to take a backseat. I came down with a HORRIBLE virus and managed to have to LEAVE work due to projectile vomiting within 2 hrs of arriving at work!! talk about feeling horrible- the unit was slammed- completely busy ( as are most Monday mornings) and I could not manage to stand up due to feeling faint and sick. Thankfully, several other nurses helped me out and my mom drove me home. I am so thankful that my mother-in-law graciously kept Tallon yest afternoon so I could spend the day in BED recuperating. I actually ate my first meal tonight so I am starting to feel my strength return. I am just praying that Reeves and Tallon don't come down with this!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Thankful Mommy

Tallon started Awana Cubbies this past week at church. I was not sure how he would do with memorizing Scripture, but he learned his verse - God loves us and Sent His Son relatively easily.
We usually ask Tallon what he wants to Thank God for before nap time and bedtime so he often lists different people or items ( like his jeep) and we will Thank God for them.

We sat down for dinner tonight and prayed- often- Tallon will interject in and help Reeves finish the prayer ( usually just Thank you for this food). Tonight- Tallon interjected just as Reeves said "Thank you for this food" and Tallon kept on saying.... "Thank you God loves us and Sent His Son."

How sweet to hear Truth come out of my son's mouth!

May Tallon come to Know you, Love you and Serve You with all his heart, soul and mind. Give us Wisdom as we seek to parent him in a way that Glorifies your name!

Many of you know that this has been a difficult few weeks for us with Tallon and discipline and just learning how to deal with his strong- will. I am soo Thankful God gave me a glimpse of Tallon's heart to encourage me to not lose faith. He is at work- even in a young child of only 3 yrs.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Tallon comes from quite a heritage.... My parents both graduated from Alabama and I spent several years traveling to Tuscaloosca and cheering on Alabama, Reeves' parents both graduated from USC, I graduated from Clemson University ( Go Tigers!) and well.... you all know who Reeves cheers for with his entire heart- GAMECOCKS!! Soo... needless to say..... Tallon can be heard saying " Roll Tide Roll, GO GAMECOCKS and GO TIGERS!! Poor Boy- such confusion. I have no doubt that in the end.... Daddy will win and his son will be all Gamecocks!!

Tallon received a birthday package in the mail earlier this week from Uncle Robert and Aunt Tiffany- and 1 of the gifts was a nice Alabama shirt!! THANKS SOO MUCH!!!!
On Thursday- Tallon and I headed over to Pop's to hang out and have lunch so of course.... I had to put Tallon in his Alabama shirt!!! Tal even asked to wear 1 of Pop's hats so I had to grab a picture!!
We had spent some of Tal's birthday money on some cowboy boots and hat so we had to show Pop a preview of Tal's halloween outfit. ( We are going as Woody from Toy Story!)

giving a thumbs-up with Pop- Thanks for a FUN morning and lunch Pop!! we love you!


Tallon LOVES his guitar that Uncle Andrew and Aunt Erin gave him for his birthday. The first night after he received it- I checked in on him before I went to bed and this is what I found...

He fell asleep with the guitar- too cute!!!

Tallon loves to play his guitar while we sing now so don't be concerned if you come over and Tallon wants you to sing with him while he strums along
check out the post "full speed ahead again..."- I added a cute video of Tal painting Tess's room

Saturday, September 20, 2008


3 years old
September 15, 2008

Family Birthday Party- Sept 14, 2008

A BIG thanks to Mimi for decorating the cake....
Tallon loved showing his cake to everyone as they arrived-
I LOVE Mak's expression in the below pic! Tallon LOVES his cousins!
Tallon showing Nana ( great grandmother) his cake!PAPA- you have to wait until after we sing Happy Birthday for some cake=)

Tallon showing Boom Boom his cake
He adores his grandaddy ( and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual=)
Tallon got a LOT of FUN presents from our family-

Tal's Big gift....
Aunt Erin and Clara Beth
Great Grandaddy Adams
Nana ( Great Grandmother)
Tallon with Mimi and POP
Tallon loves LiLi- she and Boom Boom gave Tal an AWESOME craft table- we have already gotten soo much use out of it=) Thanks~
Tallon showing off his guitar skills to Boom Boom!

I think I will have another taste.....
Somehow I missed getting pics of Uncle Collin, Aunt Aron, and Uncle Andrew but Collin was taking pictures for me so I will post those as soon as I get them
(I am sure they will be MUCH better- can I say how nice it is to have such a great photographer in the family)
Thanks for coming everyone and for the nice gifts!!
We love ya'll!

A stroll down memory lane.....

Wow- has it really been 3 yrs since our baby boy arrived!? September 15, 2005 at 8: 05 AM- Tallon Reeves Cannon finally arrived!! It brings back soo many memories- I woke up on Sept 14 about 4:30 AM with some discomfort and pretty much spent the rest of the day "pacing". Other thoughts from that day.....
- how extremely HOT it was in Dallas, TX
-how I managed to let the gas light come on on the way home from Bible study the night before I started contracting and we thought we had enough gas to get home from the Dr's office..... ummm... definitenly did not make it- we spent approx 1 1/2 hrs on TOP of the high five interstate system in 108 degree weather IN the middle of rush hour trafic- I still remember Reeves ( being completely dead- serious) telling me that he wanted me to stay IN the car while we waiting on someone to bring us some gas. Obviously- he has NEVER been in labor!!! I vividly remember looking up and seeing a helicopter over us and hearing Reeves say that they say they "see" where we are stopped. I was soo afraid I would be on the 6 o'clock news while walking back and forth the lenth of the Saturn during contractions!
- how I labored for over 12 hrs before my water finally broke and than going in to the hospital that evening to find out I still had not dilated at all!!!!
- the constant stream of the nurses and Dr in and out of my room all night as Tallon's HR decelerated everytime they attempted the pitocin. I reached a 5 at Midnight and at 6:30 the next morning- still a "5"- Dr Harris suggested a section. By then- I just was ready to see and hold my baby boy!

God is good and has been so faithful to us these past 3 yrs and we are so thankful for you Tallon!

Your daddy had great plans for his son from the start- he was soo ready for you to be able to play ball with him=)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I realized Mon evening ( after working a 12 hr shift in the unit that day) that we have less than 80 days until Tess ( note: we are calling her Tess and are pretty sure that is her name but there is still some debate) arrives. YIKES!! and currently, the nursery is completely white ( thanks to Reeves and my parents for kilsing those dark wood paneled walls!!! ) . I have been known to be a little indecisive and like to take my time picking out fabric, colors and paint. I just want things to look perfect! I had been to several fabric stores in Florence and found one very pretty paisley pink and green fabric but nothing that I just LOVED to coordinate with it. So, I started with my internet search, not only did I find 1 room decorated in the paisley, I found 2!! so I was able to see what fabrics they put together and I sort of combined what I liked in both rooms. Next step- try to find the fabric for cheaper than $20- 22 dollars a yard ( BIG YIKES!. and guess what- I found an online fabric store and the carried the exact fabric I needed for $10-12 a yard and shipping total was only $10. HOORAY!!! so, my mom came over yesterday afternoon and helped me figure out how many yards we would need to make the bumper, crib skirt and curtains and I ordered the fabric last night!! I am soo excited! I can hardly wait for it to arrive so I can pick out a paint color for the walls and we can get to work on the bedding!!! I saw "we" but it probably is going to be more like me sitting upstairs in my mom's sewing room and talking her ear off while she sews everything. I usually add a stitch or 2 here, but she really is the BEST seamstress and I am soo thankful she can and is willing to sew for me and our family!!! Anyways- if you are interested- here are the fabrics I ordered and I will try to post some pics as the room comes together=) Tess is going to be here before we know it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Full Speed Ahead... now that we have internet again=)

We are back up and running.... the cable guy showed up about 3 hrs ago ( only approx 3 weeks AFTER we moved) and just finished connecting our internet- HALLELUJAH!!! I have felt so out of the loop! It has been a crazy month and this weekend looks to be just as busy so it will still be awhile before I get too many posts up but don't worry- house pics and Tallon's 3 yr post are coming soon. Can you believe my baby boy turns 3 on Monday!! YIKES- where is time going.

We are VERY thankful for all the help that people gave us moving, loading and unloading the truck and getting situated!! a BIG thanks to our small group, family and friends!! My parents have been soo giving of their time and graciuous to step up and help Reeves paint as I am "out of duty with painting due to the pregnancy"! So far... they have painted our den, foyer and upstairs hallway, Tal' and our bedroom, 2 bathrooms and have put 3 coats on the baby's room ( it had dark wood paneling! I just need to pick out bedding and a paint color for the baby's room and we will be set!!

but for now... the following will have to suffice....

A funny story- Tallon woke up from his nap 1 day and proceeded to go potty by himself and get his underwear back on by himself ( notice- they are inside out and backwards!!!) . I heard him playing and came upstairs and this is what I found......Tallon had found a paper towel roll and put it on the end of the paint roller and was "painting"!!

Tallon started school the first week of September- he is going to Calvary Baptist Preschool 2 days a week and is in a "late 3's" class- ( it is for kids whose birthday falls after the school cut-off). It has been such a blessing- I think Tal really needed the time away from home and the socialization and I DEFINITELY needed the time to get things done around the house, work and start to prepare for baby sister. He absolutely LOVES his teacher and whenever we ask him who he wants to pray for- he almost always says Mrs. Floyd and his school class. He has had absolutely NO PROBLEM getting out of the car with a stranger and walks straight into the school ( I, on the other hand- have had a LOT harder time watching my little boy do this). When I pick him up- he is smiling away and happily tells me about his morning ( who he played with, what they read, what activity he did). I am soo sooo thankful that we put him in preschool there!
Tallon often walks in our new home telling me - "I like my new house" and I am enjoying having a playroom!!!!
Tallon with daddy and mommy before heading off to his first day of preschool!

We got to see baby girl yesterday morning- she weighs 2 lbs 8 oz now! My total weight gain is now 10 lbs and I am happy with that. I reached 27 weeks this past Tues- hard to believe how quickly the months are going. Having LOTS of braxton hicks contractions and I failed my 1 hr glucose test yest so now I have to go BACK to Dr office for the 3 hr test- PLEASE pray I pass.... not sure what I will do if I have to watch what I eat!!! She is quite the little mover and we are all enjoying feeling her kick and move across my belly. Tallon is soo sweet and often asks to see Baby sister and loves to put his hand on my belly and give it kisses. He is constantly telling me my belly is "going up"- Yes Son, it is definitely getting bigger!

I just love her little nose and lips!
This is her arm ( you can see her fingers were wrapped tightly- she was holding on to her lower leg/foot)
We can not wait to meet you little one.