Thursday, February 19, 2009

Extremely Tired

What a beautiful day. On our way home from working out- Tallon requested to go to the park so we packed a picnic lunch and met up with Mimi and Pop and Mrs. Kristin, Anna and Sadie for lunch and play time. As soon as we got home- Tallon asked if he could have "quiet time" in his playroom- I told him that today that would be fine. I was downstairs getting a few things done and all of a sudden realize that I am not hearing anything....hmmm.... so I head up the stairs.....

and nearly laughed out loud- I could not believe where Tallon had "fallen asleep"
I wonder what Tallon was thinking about!?!

Monday, February 16, 2009


We enjoyed WARM weather last week so we spent most of our days outside playing. With Tess starting to go to bed earlier and getting into more of a routine- I have been playing around with several crafts on my new sewing machine!! Hope you enjoy a glimpse into our days lately...
they are FULL and we are thankful for the 2 children God has blessed us with!

Mom and I gave making our own pacifier clips a try. They turned out pretty cute if I do say so!Check out the fun boy fabric- I am making a gift for a friend who is having a boy in a few weeks!
When Tess gets fussy or when I need to get stuff done- this is where Tess goes-
she LOVES the sling and often goes right to sleep!
We had several friends over to play 1 day last week-
Check out Sadie in the cute shirt that I made and mom monogrammed for me!
We loved having Will and his brother Cole over. Will is Tallon's age and it was fun having another boy to play with! Makgill, CB, Will and Tallon found a way for all the kids to enjoy the jeep! Sorry I did not get any pictures of cutie Cole!

oops- it did not work!LOVE this picture of Tal and Clara Beth! They really are good friends!

Makgill just knew that it could work- Come on Will- Don't let GO!

We seem to be exhausted by 8 pm every night!
Tal, Tess and I headed over to Papa and Nana's last Thursday. Nana cooked a DELICIOUS meal for us- nothing better than a homecooked meal of veggies, cornbread and ham- THANKS Nana!! Tal and Tess loved the attention and we even spent some time outside in the beautiful weather!

Papa loving on Tess
Papa and Bama

This is the face you get when you ask him to smile!

LOVE my little boy!

Guess who learned how to climb the fence!?
Tallon was so proud of himself!
Mommy- well- I think it is only a matter of time before he starts climbing trees...
better start the broken bone fund!

Nana got to love on Tess too!
For Valentine's this year- we went out with 3 other couples from our small group. We rarely get to do things without kids so we enjoyed getting to converse with other adults over a delicious dinner! We are so thankful for the friendships God has blessed us with!
Sweet, Sleepy Baby Girl!

I can not believe she is almost 3 months old!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cousin Time

LiLi, Aunt Aron and Mak and CB came over the other afternoon to play.

both the boys immediately turned and started "shushing" Tess as soon as she started to wail!

While Lili enjoy holding Tess- here is what the other 3 were up too......
Watching all sorts of videos and seeing lots of pictures of Disney World- we are all going there in just a few more weeks!!


I can not remember the last time Florence had snow, but we have had snow TWICE in the past 2 weeks! I had no clue that it had snowed until Tallon woke me up saying- snow, mommy, snow! This snow did not last as long as the previous one, but Tallon was able to go out and play in the snow with Daddy this time! It was pretty, but I am soo thankful God did not move us up north! I am NOT a FAN of cold weather and it has been soo cold and dreary this winter! I am constantly thinking about my sister up in Kentucky and wondering how on earth she is surviving all of their snow and cold weather! WE LOVE YOU LIZ And MIKE!

Tess and I enjoyed staying inside by the fire while the boys played outside!

8 weeks

Tessa Nell turned 8 weeks old this past wednesday! She is outgrowing most of her newborn clothes and that makes me so sad! She is quite a delightful baby girl though.... she has started to notice toys and loves to sit in her "kick and play" bouncy seat. She also enjoys watching her mobile. She is full of huge grins and sweet smiles for us and loves watching her big brother as he runs circles around all of us! She still is nursing every 3 hrs during the day with the last feeding at 10 pm. than she is up around 3:30-4:30 for just a few minutes ( some nights only 10 minutes) and than she goes right back to sleep until around 7. I really think she could prob go without the 4 ish feeding but am just too tired to keep plugging her back up with the paci so I just nurse her and lay her right back down. I am still swaddling her although I think we will slowly make it looser and looser this next month. She is soo close to rolling onto her tummy from her back.

My favorite thing with her right now is seeing her smile and get all excited when she recognizes me and hearing her try to "talk" saying oohh and ahhh to me.... soo cute!

We saw Dr. Ben on Friday and she got 3 shots and 1 oral medicine. Thankfully, she did not run a fever but was quite cranky yest afternoon.

2 month stats:
11 lbs
23 3/4 inches long


6 years in the working
3 years in Seminary
2 moves half-way across the country
lots of hours studying, writing papers
Lots more hours working with clients
1 big exam
2 years of internship
For the past 2 years, Reeves has been working as a LPC I (Licensed Professional Counselor Intern).Today, he received information from the South Carolina state board that he has been APPROVED as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of SC!Congratulations Daddy!!
We could not be more proud of you!

Thursday, February 05, 2009



Today is Reeves' father's birthday! We are celebrating with the whole family tom night, but LiLi picked up the 3 older grandkids and carried them to Freeman's bakery today to pick out cupcakes for Boom-Boom and them to eat after lunch today. Tallon picked out a Blue balloon cupcake, Makgill a red one and Clara Beth a beautiful orange and pink flower cupcake. They collectively decided that Boom-Boom's cupcake would be a green balloon!

When I asked Tallon what was he loved MOST about Boom-Boom....
He IMMEDIATELY responded with.....

He plays hide and seek with me!

That pretty well sums Boom-Boom up...

He is a hands-on grandfather and I am soo thankful for that! He does not hesitate to hop down on the floor and build with blocks, read books with a lap FULL of wiggly kids and always has lots of encouragement to hand out. I can already see him at all the future sports games and ballet and music recitals!

What I am most Thankful for Boom- Boom for....

The time, love, tears and sweat he invested in Reeves with.
Reeves is a wonderful, Godly Husband and Father and I know that the years he grew up under Fred's roof play a HUGE role in the man my husband is today! Thank you Fred! We love you and hope your birthday was a special day!

and we can't forget LiLi- definitely Boom-Boom's better half=) =)

Monday, February 02, 2009

my favorite sayings

Linda was kind enough to pick up Tallon and spend the afternoon with him today. When she dropped me off she told me that Tallon told her that "Pop is gone on a trip". Linda said Yes, he did- where did he go Tallon? Tallon's response......
"to see Jesus"!!!

we have been praying for Pop a lot lately and talking about how he went on an airplane to Honduras to minister to people there and tell them about Jesus!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday afternoon

All is quiet......