Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Haircut

I have trimmed Tallon's hair 1 time a few months ago, but when he put a cap on this weekend you could see his hair sticking out like a ponytail so I figured it was time to take him in for a real cut! I was sort of sad watching his baby hair fall but he looks like such a little boy now and I am excited that I won't have to try to tame his hair down now after naps and in the morning. Tal is just too busy to hardly stop and let me comb his hair!

He did really well and sat still for the lady to cut his hair. He was not fond of the the scissors or the water, but LOVED it when she pulled out the shaver!

Tallon's favorite part- the sucker he got to eat while waiting to get his hair cut=)

After the hair cut

20 Month Dr Visit

Well, technically it is Tallon's 18 mo well visit check but we just had his checkup this morning and he is 20 1/2 months old!! Tallon was great- there were no shots and he got a clean bill of health from the Dr. Tallon weighed in at 24 lbs and 3 oz and is 33 in tall! What a growing little boy we have!! How thankful we are for his health!

It did not take him long to find the paper! Go GO!
Tallon kept running around the room saying this!

Memorial Weekend at the Lake

Reeves was off Friday, so we headed down to the lake shortly after lunch. What a beautiful weekend- the weather was wonderful and Tal had a blast playing in the kiddie pool, with all his toys in the yard, swinging, riding on the boat and he even went for a short jet ski ride with Daddy close to our pier and landing (Don't worry- they did not go fast or far). Tallon is already becoming a "water boy" and actually would go to put on his life vest so we could go on the boat!!!

Nana and Papa brought Tallon a hat back from Montana and he looks soo cute in it- I did not think he would wear it but he actually likes the hat- YEAH!!!

Snack time with Daddy
Hanging out with Daddy on the jet ski!
Poppa helping Tal drive his car!
Where is everyone?!?? Tallon and Daddy are ready to ride!

We were all able to ski this weekend (minus Tal of course) and Reeves even stayed up one 1 ski briefly!!

Another video of Tal's first time in the lake water- I figured the sand would bother his feet but it did not seem to phase him!


Now that the weather is HOT here, Tallon and I have been enjoying a nice cool treat in the afternoons some days!! Popsicles!! At first, Tallon tried to eat the stick part, but he quickly figured out how to hold the popsicle and he eats every bite!!
Would you like some of my popsicle?

time for another bite
mmmm... yummy!
Thanks for the yummy popsicle Mommy!

Here is a video of Tal eating his popsicle!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I had a very productive afternoon Wednesday, while Tallon napped!!
I have been trying to come up with something fun and unique to give to the multiple highschool graduates that we know!! So, during Tal's mothers morning out - I strolled thru Hobby Lobby- it was soo nice- no little fingers poking thru and trying to touch everything, no child crying and trying to get mommy to pick him up out of the shopping cart- AHH- peace!! =) I found these wooden picture frames and 3 of the graduating senior girls are going to USC so I picked up some little painted footballs, the letters
U, S, C, and some red and black paint!! See what you think- I am very pleased with how these turned out!!

Just as I was finishing up the 3rd frame- I heard Tallon in his room- I got so tickled when I walked into his room and saw his hair- WILD MAN had a GREAT NAP!

Poor little guy- his skin is starting to look much better- thanks to all the meds the dermatologist prescribed, but he still itches some!! He quickly calmed down when he saw me and was more than happy to sit and hug and give "Blue Bear" ( I know, I know- we come up with such original names for his stuffed animals!) kisses=)


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ice Cream

Tallon loves ice-cream- it does not matter what flavor it is- he will like the bowl clean- LITERALLY!!

I keep thinking that each stage is better than the last, but we are REALLY enjoying Tallon right now- he is absolutely hilarious and it is so fun watching him explore and figure things out on his own. I have a little foot pedicure spa and so last night I gave myself a spa treatment and Tallon enjoyed splashing in the water and watching the foot massager work- well, we left it unplugged outside in the hallway last night. This morning, Tallon and Reeves were up and Reeves heard the spa foot massager- he went to check on Tallon and Tallon had plugged in the machine (all by himself) and managed to get it working- he was just GRINNING!!!!!!!! Our little boy is soo smart- he definitely keeps us on our toes!


Holly and Ekekiel

Do you know how difficult it is to get 2 toddlers to stay still long enough to get a decent picture- forget even trying to get them to look at the camera- HA=)

My best friend from college lives in Raleigh, but since we were out in Dallas for 3 years it has not worked out where we were both able to get together when we came to SC so it has been almost 3 yrs since I last saw Holly. She has a precious son- Ezekiel who is only 2 months younger than Tallon. I was so excited and surprised when she callend Thurs evening to say that she and Ezekiel were visiting her parents and could we get together on Friday- OF COURSE WE COULD!!!!!! It was so fun getting to watch our boys play together and I really enjoyed catching up with you Holly!! Thanks for coming to Florence so we could visit!! I did not take very many pictures bc I was too busy chatting!!


We spent last weekend at the lake with my parents! Both Reeves and I got to drive my dad's new boat and it is sooo nice ( and very quiet compared to the other boat)!! Tallon actually WORE his lifevest and seemed to take in the boat and the water. Dad, Reeves, Tal and I took a nice boat ride to Goat Island and Tallon enjoyed poiting at the birds and other boats!! Reeves also went skiing- here I am in jeans and sweatshirt and my husband is in the lake skiing!! He got up on the first try and did AWESOME- GO REEVES! we are looking forward to spending lots more time at the lake and on the boat!!

Lifevest- check
paci- check
daddy- check
ok- we are all ready to get on the boat!

Reeves getting ready to jump in the water to ski!

Reeves skiing!

Papa fishing

Tal helping Poppa drive the boat!

Tal helping Daddy drive the boat! He LOVES HIS DADDY!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Makgill and Clara Beth came over last Friday afternoon to play. Tal just ADORES Makgill and he has been extremely loving to Clara Beth!! Reeves was home so we enjoyed playing with the kids, watching Makgill and Tallon clean my house for me, dancing,playing Dr, as well as playing the piano`!!