Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hi everyone- it has been a while since i have really posted- it seems like January came and blew thru
our household rather quickly. It has been an extremely busy month for
us- I started working again- just one- 8 hr shift a week, but I had to
do the hospital orientation and then the nursing orientation and than
take several mandatory "classes" that the hospital requires new RN
staff to take so I pretty much spent 2 straight weeks at the hospital
from 8-5- OH HOW I MISSEDTALLON, but thankfully, he was very well taken care of by family, friends and a few highschool sitters.

it did wear on him and somewhere in all his goings and the weather
turning extremely FRIGID, he came down with a HORRIBLE stomach bug and
cold- it lasted a week- exactly a week! At one point, I was
spoon-feeding him water every 15 min or so trying to keep him hydratedbc
he could not keep anything down. He is not one of those kids who sleeps
when he is sick- so the lack of sleep really wore on Reeves and I, but
once again-thru our family's help- we survived!!!!!!! My mom and dad
came over one morning and cleaned our carpet (from the many throw-up
stains we had acquired due to this bug), let me take a nap and a hot
shower and fixed me homemade vegetable soup-AHHHHHH- relief for the weary!!! THANKS SOOO
MUCH!!!!! but, we survived and as of last Thursday- although we still
have a little bit of a runny nose and cough- we are able to go out
again and play and sleep and eat!!Tallon is still waking up around 4 am but we seem to be getting thru it and he is falling back asleep after a few min of crying!

So, it has been a busy, exhausting month but also a good month with lots to be thankful for- here are just a few of them:

1) FAMILY close by
2) our HEALTH
3) Reeves took his licensing exam 2 Sat ago (in the middle of all of Tal's sickness) and feels like it went very well- I am soo proud of him and all the hard work he spent in seminary for 3 yrs and now studying and preparing for this exam!
-he has started to really say "MOMMA" and "Dadda" and also "NO"!
- just yesterday he said "Please"- although it sounds more like Psss (like a snake hisses- but soo cute nonetheless!
-he is becoming quite the climber and still extremely busy!
-he has recently been in a Throwing stage- not very fun. but we are working thru
it and he has started to actually "roll" his cars across the floor and
tables- he seems to really show some interest in cars and trains now
-Tal still really LOVES his cheese and Yo-Baby yogurt- wanting it sometimes 3 x a day- we should buy stock in it=)

I am sure there is LOTS more, but it is always a JOY to get to wake up
and spent time with my precious baby boy- quickly growing up! I will
post pics soon-

OH- for all our Dallas friends- it looks like we
are going to get to come visit in April- prob around the 21st- would
love to see as many of you as possible!


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Michael & Meaghan said...

Yikes! What a month you've had. I'm glad you all made it through. Know that we miss you here and think of you all the time. We'll be here in April and would love to see you!