Monday, March 30, 2009


Life has been full these past few weeks- I plan on posting again SOON, but in the meantime- Aron has taken some fun pictures of what we have been up to lately and posted them on her blog- check them out!!

Tallon, Makgill and one of their good friends Aidan are taking swim lessons together- click here to see pics!

We made Easter Egg Chalk the other afternoon with the kids- soo messy but they had a great time! click here to see pics!

I will post pics from my camera ( although they won't be nearly as good as Collin and Aron's) soon of little miss priss!


This morning while getting Tallon dressed and ready for school.
Me- "Time to make up your bed- which side of the bed do you want" ( tallon likes to choose which side he wants to make up each day

Tal- " This side"- walks over to the side closest to the wall

we make up bed. Tallon find his Buzz Lightyear pretend phone on the floor next to wall.

Me- "Let's get dressed Tallon"

Tal- picks up phone and puts it next to his ear as I am trying to get his pants on.
"Wait mommy", Buzz says I have to go to a meeting"

Me- "a meeting?" well you need to get dressed before you can go to your meeting"

Tal- "hold on mommy", then talking in to phone- "Buzz, Mommy says I have to get dressed first", he listens for a bit and than says "ok, Bye"

Me- "can we get dressed now Tallon"

Tallon- " Yes, Buzz said I could come after I get dressed"

where does he get this imagination from?! I am having the BEST conversations with him lately and I often think- I want to remember these because some are really funny, so I figured I could try blogging them when I remember to!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Patty- Cake

Tallon and I have started to play "patty-cake" with Tess- she loves it and will grin at us as I take her hands and help her clap and roll. Now, Tallon walks around asking to do "patty cake" all day long!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

My little girl

My baby girl turned 3 months old this past Wednesday! I LOVE having a little girl.This has been an exciting month- she is more alert and quite a little talker- she loves to grin at me when I go get her in the mornings and is quick to coo and make noises back at me! I love picking out her dresses every morning ( Don't worry- Mimi and LiLi have been very kind to keep Miss Priss dressed soooo CUTE and Clara Beth has been super kind to pass down so many adorable outfits as well! She still has hair- some times I think it looks lighter but it is still definitely brown- we keep bows in it! No denying she is a girl! We took our first family vacation this past week to Disney and had a great time ! Tess is very easy going and spent most of the week in the sling or carrier- she just went with the flow. and she still SLEPT at night! I am soo thankful as I really am a much nicer person when I get sleep!! she seems to have developed more of a routine now and goes to bed by 8 and sleeps til 7ish with 1 short feeding sometime around 4 or 5 AM. She has found her hands and seems to prefer them to the pacifier but I still give her the paci frequently. She has also discovered her brother and loves to watch him as he runs circles around her!
Tess is getting better with her head control and already trying to push up and "stand" when you hold her! She is started to watch toys and so it has just been a fun few weeks actually being able to interact with her more! We love you Sweet Girl!! You are a Joy and a Delight to our family!
Makgill and Clara Beth are sooo sweet with Tess!