Thursday, March 29, 2007


Tal and I both love Thursday mornings- WHY?!?! BECAUSE IT IS STORYTIME at the library!! We sing, read books, dance and have lots of fun visiting and playing with friends!! Here are some fun pictures from this morning!

A BIG THANKS to Jennie for getting some precious shots of me with Tal!!! Here is a shot of Jennie and her sweet daughter Carlisle

Going for a Ride

In my little Red Wagon! Tal and I took a stroll this morning. The weather here is much cooler today and supposed to rain so we figured we better get out while we could=) I just love his face in these pictures- he was not in a smiley mood- not unhappy, just content to sit in his wagon and look at the birds and contemplate life!

Check out Tallon's tricycle- he LOVES to ride it!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Check out my first video! Let me know if you can access it or not as I am new at this!!! My camera arrived late yest afternoon so I did not really get to start checking it out until this afternoon during Tal's nap but so far... I LOVE IT!!! Tal seems to like it also- just about every time I pulled it out today... Tal came running towards it with his hands reached up for the camera!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mommy is soo excited!

We have been talking about getting a new camera since Christmas, but have been watching the prices (drop=) and waiting patiently. Our other camera is 4-5 yrs old and was starting to show major signs of dying (rather quickly- I might add!) So last night, my sweet husband ordered my new camera and I can not wait til it gets here so I can try it out!!!!! I have really grown to enjoy taking pictures of my sweet son!! It should be here in 7-10 days so I will post more pics when it arrives!! We are getting the Canon S31S (we found a great price online) and it looks to have TONS of fun extras- including short videos. I really wish i had it this past Thursday when we went to Storytime. They did a puppet show to music and Tal was LOVING it- he danced and pointed at the animals! SO CUTE!!

We cont to be spending LOTS of time outdoors and are soo thankful for this beautiful weather!!!! Tallon has his first bruise to his nose when he tripped on the sidewalk as he was running!! What a BOY!!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Makgill and Clara Beth came over yesterday afternoon to play for a while! We had a great time playing outside. Tallon LOVES his cousins!!

Our Family Picture at EdVenture


Reeves took today off so that we could spend some time together- just Tallon, Mommy and Daddy. We were going to visit the zoo in Columbia, but the weatherman predicted rain all day and sure enough- it rained ALL day and we are not talking light rain- it poured! Thankfully, Reeves and I had been checking into some other activities and found out about EdVenture Childrens Museum! I am so glad we went and had a wonderful time- Tallon enjoyed exploring and playing and we all came home exhausted! Hope you enjoy a few of the pictures I was able to grab- a running toddler will keep you busy- even with 2 adults!!

Let's go Dad!

Tallon checking out what teeth look like!! They had a AWESOME exhibit that was all about teeth and how to take care of them- they even had a fake person sitting in the chair and you could take larger versions of the same instruments that the Dentist uses and pretend to "clean" the persons mouth- very fun!

Tallon and Daddy after they heard their heartbeats out loud- you could place your hands on the metal piece and it would loudly play your heartbeat for you! All of us had solid sounding heartbeats!

Mommy and Tallon checking out the blood and platelets- there was a version of the inside of your blood vessels and they fibrinogen, bloodclots and platelets that you could "stick" up inside the walls of the vessels to show how your vessels become clogged!

Captain Tallon playing inside the boat- Tal LOVED the activity center that they had for kids ages 3 and under. There were large soft blocks, a BIG boat to climb all around in and a tent with camping gear!

Tallon and Daddy building a HUGE TOWER!!

In the Music Room!

A KID SIZE PIGGLY WIGGLY complete with shopping carts, food items and a scanner that beeps as you "buy" the food! Tallon enjoyed racing around the aisles with his grocery cart!

Driving the Tractor


milking the cow- what an experience!

Mommy and Tallon racing 2 balls down the track- this was 1 of Tallon's favorite things- he LOVED watching the balls go down the tracks and would crack Reeves and I up as he laughed!

I think that Reeves and my favorite exhibit was the area where they had big fake blocks and you could build a wall and than get into the construction truck and drive it over to crash down the blocks!! unfortunately, the lighting was not good in this area and my pictures did not turn out great!

And, I could not leave out the pictures of the firetruck- Tallon loved exploring the firetruck and Reeves even managed to get him geared up in the fireman outfit for a quick picture!

Even though it rained, our family had a WONDERFUL time hanging out together and exploring the museum. We can't wait to go back next year when Tal is a little bit bigger!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

18 months

On Sept 15, 2005 at 8:05 AM Tallon Reeves Cannon arrived! I could not believe how tiny he was- 6lbs, 15 oz. I also had absolutely NO CLUE how fast the days would fly by and I can not believe that today, you are 18 months old! Your daddy and I love you sooo much and are enjoying watching you explore your environment every day! We are soo thankful to God for blessing us with you and pray daily that you will come to know Him at an early age and that we would raise you to fear and love God with all your heart, strength and mind!


Mommy Loves her Baby Boy (quickly becoming a little boy!!)

Thank you for the numerous hugs and kisses you give me everyday!! You are the sweetest boy- always running up to give hugs before you quickly run back to play again!

I remember at your 1 yr appt- the pediatrician asked me if you were favoring Daddy yet and I was soo puzzled because you have always wanted mommy when you get hurt or want something, but he was right- In the past month- you have completely fallen for your daddy- You cry when he leaves the house- you run up to the door GRINNING and soo excited when you see him pull up in the driveway- you wave your hands just as fast as you can- DA-DA, DA-DA you exclaim!! Your Daddy is special- he is soo good with you- you guys play basketball, soccer and sometimes football. You love it when daddy tackles and tickles you!! Daddy thoroughly enjoyes spending time with you- whether ya'll are reading a book or building a tower. Every Tues night, Mommy goes to work for a few hrs and ya'll have "Guys Night" and daddy makes you pancakes- YUMMY!! Daddy is also the one who often does your "night-time" routine so mommy can have some time to clean up the dishes or just relax.

You love your time with Daddy and HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!

You absolutely LOVE to be outdoors- from the minute you wake up until it is bedtime- you want to be outside. You have discovered Sticks and Grass and LOVE to swing! You still enjoy playing with the ball also.

More recently, you have discovered cars and often, I can find you playing with your trains and cars in your room - you love to bring them into the kitchen floor and roll them to mommy!! You will laugh and clap your hands!

You are starting to talk more and I can now often make out ball,dog and Amen. You pretend to count 1,2,3 before you throw the ball- but it still sounds like UGH, UGH, UGH! We are working on Please, but it still sounds like ssss. You love to pray before meals and often, the first thing you do when we all sit down is clap your hands together and look at mommy and daddy- ready to pray!

You have discovered hot-dogs and Love them. Still enjoy mac and cheese! I have been trying to get you to eat bananas for months, and a few days ago- you finally ate 1! We are working on trying to get you to eat more fruits, but you are picky and mainly stick with mandarin oranges!! You love fresh veggies though and often enjoy peas, carrots, butterbeans, greanbeans and 1 of your favorits is boiled squash and onions!! You enjoy feading yourself these days, but every once in a while you still will hand mommy the spoon and want me to feed you!! what a silly boy!!

You understand so much of what we say to you and we often laugh as watch you go grab your shoes and try to put them on your feet, or bring something we asked for!! You love to pretend to mop, sweep and vacuum!

Busy, BUSY boy- you keep mommy and daddy on our toes chasing you! We love you sweet boy and look forward to the next month and what is in store and Thank God for the precious days He has given us with you already!! Happy 18 months!""

Look Who is in Town!

Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz came into town for a visit from Kentucky. We were thrilled to see them since it has been a while since we last got to visit. We had several good card games, enjoyed some yummy meals and Tallon loved all the attention he got from his Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz. I am soo sorry I did not get any pics of Mike with Tallon!!!!!! Yesterday, I enjoyed getting to spend part of the afternoon with my sister! Although, Tallon REALLY enjoyed his time with Aunt Liz since she played with him, pulled him around the yard in the wagon, and watched the garage truck come down the street with Tallon. Fun Times! Tallon was more than happy to show off all his new tricks for her- he blew bubbles in the bathtub, danced and clapped and even proudly showed her how old he is- 1!!!!!!! We had a great visit and love ya'll!

Hi Aunt Liz!

Liz and Tallon watching the garbage truck go by!

I am 1!!

Thanks for coming over to play! I love you Aunt Liz!


Tallon is great about going to bed and down for naps. Most of the time, we will do our bedtime routine and lay him down and bed and he will wave at us and than roll over and go to sleep- NOT EVEN A PEEP!!!!! Well, bedtime is 8 pm here for Tallon and some evenings we have found ourselves our later than that. Tallon does not seem to mind bc he will fall asleep anywhere- in LiLi's arms, he has been know to crawl up on Mimi and Poppa's couch and lately, he has discovered Poppa's favorite chair. I am thankful that Tallon can sleep just about anywhere and that way Reeves and I can visit and sometimes stay out later!! It is sort of funny, because 1 minute- Tallon will be running around like a wild man and the next- he will crawl up on the chair- recline and close his eyes=)