Sunday, November 30, 2008


absolutely nothing to report...... we went to church, hung out with some great friends over lunch at Cracker Barrel. Came home and chilled, played games with Tallon, watched a movie and all fell asleep. ate dinner, I cleaned the kitchen and then we just chilled some more.... definitely a great Sunday! just no baby.... yet- but only 3 more days!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Officially, Tess can now come..... I have finished up all of the projects that I had started, have a pretty decently stocked freezer, laundry is done ( for now anyways), our Christmas tree is up.... so, it would be great if she would just come. At least, I know that I only have to make it til Wed if she decides to not come before then=)

Back to my "projects"- I found this blog a few months back and just fell in love with these dolls. I had planned to order one for my niece and for Tess for Christmas but than the creator of these dolls ran a special 1 weekend and I got the materials and the pattern to make the dolls myself. Oh- how FUN!! I have made several for gifts for little girls and wanted to finish up a few more before Tess came so that I would have some on hand to give as gifts. Come to find out- I actually went to college with the girl that makes these dolls- if you are looking for a CUTE gift for a little girl- I would def check out her Etsy store!

Here they are...

Aren't they adorable. The doll on the far Left is the one that Tallon is going to carry up to the hospital to give Tess whenever she finally decides to arrive. and The doll next to her ( with the green ribbon) is for my niece for Christmas!

I also made 2 adorable diaper bags, but I forgot to take pictures of them before I gave them away to 2 of my close friends at their baby shower!

My mom helped me make Tallon and Tess's Christmas stockings yesterday. I am LOVING that my mom now has a sewing machine that can monogram.... sooo cool!!
I think they turned out adorable.....

Friday, November 28, 2008


nothing to report.... still hanging in there.... 5 days left and it is a good thing- I am feeling HUGE!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


With Grandaddy Adams

With Nana and Papa

We had a wonderful day today- celebrated with my family over lunch, I managed to grab a nap and Reeves got to play cards while Tallon had Fun hanging out with Mimi and Pop, then, we headed to Reeves' family home and celebrated with dinner and we all enjoyed hanging out. Tallon especially enjoyed the great game of hide and seek with Boom-Boom, Makgill and Clara Beth. After spending 3 yrs in Dallas and 2 Thanksgivings without any family at all- I am especially Thankful for God for allowing us to share today with both of our families and all the support and encouragement they give us throughout the year!

Tallon ate 2 helpings of Nana's dressing and then 3 helpings of butterbeans before deciding he was finished with lunch. Nana gave him the Toys R Us catalog and he entertained himself for a LONG time in Papa's chair as he looked at all the toys!

Tallon with both of his great-granddads on my side.

We were blessed to have my mom's sister and her husband here this year.
Tallon loved playing with Uncle John and Aunt Gay.

I took several pictures while we were with my family earlier in the day, but totally neglected to take pictures with the Cannon side of our family! soo sorry!!!! so I am going to steal some off my sister-in-law's blog ( Thanks Aron!!) These are from back on Halloween with LiLi and Boom and Tal's cousins!

All 3 kids LOVE Andrew and Erin!
With LiLi!

With Na-Na ( Tallon's Great-Grandmother on Reeves side of family)

with Boom-Boom!

It was a relaxing and fun day with family! Tonight- we bought our Christmas Tree and it now has lights on it... sooo beautiful!!

only 6 more days.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Seven days.... 1 week from today and Tess will definitely be here. It feels sort of surreal- I hope we are ready.... All morning long I kept thinking- this time next week I won't have a baby in my belly anymore, but in my arms. Ahhhhh- I can not wait!!!! Our soon to be family of 4!

on to other FUN things- Collin was gracious to give up part of his Sunday afternoon and take our last maternity pictures before Tess arrives- Thank you Smith Family!! I am going to post several on here since he gave me his permission- but feel free to check out his blog for the complete edition!!I love my spunky little boy... soon to be BIG BROTHER!

and I am soo thankful for the husband and loving father that Reeves is! Who would have know that 6 1/2 yrs into marriage- God would be blessing us with our 2nd child... a daughter!
It will be soo much fun to take a family picture when she is out of the womb.

Any guesses on her weight?? Tallon was 6 lbs 15 oz at 40 1/2 weeks. Tess will be born at 39 weeks and they estimated her via U/S to already be 6 1/2 lbs 2 weeks ago.... hmmm- I know it is getting tight in there but I never really pictured myself having an 8lb baby?? Would love to hear your guesses!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


not too much to report... did the Sams and Walmart run today and now we are covered with plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent and other similar items plus I picked up several freezer meals that I can pull out in the next few weeks to feed us! Tallon was a great sport thru it all- he continues to ask me every day- "what we doing today mommy?" "We go to hospicle and get Baby Tess today"!!

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and the time spent with both our families! We will do lunch with my family and dinner with Reeves and I am hoping to maybe grab a nap that afternoon! Hey- it's hard work eating for 2=)

8 things I am Thankful for today:
1. My precious son who woke me this morning with "what we doing today mommy"? and who has been full of hugs and kisses today for mommy!
2. My husband who came home and spent some time with our son so that I could take a "cat nap" on the couch today.
3. Feeling this sweet little girl move inside my womb and knowing that God is continuing to knit her to His plan!
4. The Sunshine today!
5. God's unfailing and redeeming Love
6. A job that my husband loves!
7. Friends who encourage and walk thru life with me!
8. That I got to eat lunch with my mom today and just hang out for a little bit.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I just got back from my 38 week appt. Everything still looks good ( BP great, no swelling and I am holding my weight steady- 23 lbs over what I started at) and the c-section is planned for next Wed, Dec 3rd at 7:30 in the morning, although my Dr is on- call this weekend so you never know... maybe Tess will decide to come early!! He said everything looks great so I guess I will just keep on trucking and try to enjoy Thanksgiving! I will attempt to post some new room pictures later on today and also- Collin and Aron were kind enough to spend part of their afternoon taking maternity pics for us yesterday- Tallon was not too cooperative, but I LOVE what Collin captured for us! Thank you guys sooo much!! They are up on facebook currently and I will see if I can get them to the blog at some point!! It is crazy to think that the belly will be gone (well, hopefully gone) in another week and a half!!! It feels like the 9 months have FLOWN by in soo many ways and I can not wait to meet this little girl God is blessing us with!!

In extended family news
- my brother-in-law- Andrew started a blog for the family business- Tomlinsons so feel free to check it out. You can also now shop online- check it out- their prices can not be beat!

- my other brother-in-law- Collin is hosting a special model search contest- so check it out here

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I keep trying to upload videos on blogger but cant get it to seem to work- anybody have anything they recommend?!

A week Full of Celebrations

We have had a week full of celebrations- Tuesday, we celebrated Reeves' birthday. Tallon and I made cupcakes and we sang Happy Birthday to Daddy! Tallon enjoyed also having candles on his cupcake and he helped blow out the candles on both his and Daddy's cupcakes!! too cute!

the best part..... licking the icing off the candles!
Friday morning- Tallon had a Thanksgiving feast at school- Reeves went with him while I spent the morning getting a massage, pedicure and manicure thanks to my sweet husband!!! It was soo relaxing and now I have pretty toes and nails for whenever Tess decides to arrive!

Friday night- my parents fixed fried shrimp and we celebrated both Reeves and my birthday and then Saturday night- Reeves parents fixed hamburgers to celebrate our birthdays. Today, we had a potluck at church- so all in all- this weekend has been great- yummy food and I have not had to cook or clean up=) =)

Tallon had Awana's this afternoon and when Reeves picked him up- his teacher asked Tallon to show Reeves his turkey with what he is thankful for.....Tallon is thankful for applesauce!

and just another cute picture of my silly boy wearing his daddy's glasses

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Less than 2

Well- we hit the 2 week marker yesterday. 13 more days... hard to believe.... will write more soon, but I think I am going to take a nap while Tal is down for one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

VOTE for

me.... or Reeves because that is probably who would actually use this if I won it!! Anways, I entered this contest and you can win a free Wii- you just have to have the most votes.... so if your willing.... go vote please- my name is listed on the site and it only takes a second and feel free to forward this on to your friends ( if you don't mind!!)

Just click on this link and vote for " Rebecca Cannon"

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Husband!
28 Years.... Wow- we are getting on up there!
I was trying to remember how many birthdays we have celebrated together.... I think this makes at least 10 (maybe 11)!

I LOVE YOU REEVES and am so thankful for your leadership in our home! You are definitely the "better half" in our relationship and I am privileged to call you my husband and best friend!
If I was eloquent with words I would write more, but you know me- definitely not a writer!

From Tallon:

"I wanna tell Daddy Happy Birthday"

How old do you think Daddy is today:
" I think 2"!

and when I asked Tallon what he wanted to get you for your birthday:
" a horse and a guitar"

what kind of cake should we make Daddy:
"chocolate cake" ( I laughed because this is Definitely not what you would have picked but your son loves you and picked what he liked!)

Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday Reeves. We are looking forward to celebrating tonight- just our family!!

(Although Tallon has informed me he wants LOTS of people to be there!)

Monday, November 17, 2008


16 days and counting..... we had a great weekend- busy, but fun!!
We took several pictures with Tallon on Sunday- he looked like such a little man in his vest and corduroy pants! He has really gotten into blocks lately and loves to build.... anything from garages for his cars to park in to houses. Yesterday- he built a camera... and pretended to take our picture!
Tallon and Daddy with his camera!

I love how he has his hand on my belly- He can not wait to meet Tess!!

kisses for Mommy

and hugs too!!!

I love both my men soo much!
can you see the resemblence in the above picture- Is there hope for Tess to have any "Adams" in her??? We will see soon!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Courtney and I at the shower

WOW- where are the days going? I intended to post yesterday, but it turned out to be a very busy day for Tallon and I. The most exciting part though, was last night- Several girls in our small group through Tess a Baby Shower. It was soo sweet and Tess received so many wonderful gifts- from diapers to clothes to Fun Girly bath towels and sweet monogrammed bibs, burp cloths and blankets to a precious framed 4D pic of Tess with a verse- what a treasure!
We also received our first "girly" book- called Ballerina's. Tallon and I read it to Tess this morning!! Thank you to all our sweet friends for your generosity and kindness!! I remember moving from Dallas and thinking that we would never find friends like we had there, well- we have not replaced our friends from Dallas- they will always hold a special place in our heart and I am thankful for the memories with them, but as I looked around the room last night- I was blown away by the friends God has provided here in SC for us- friends who love us and love our children, friends who desire to raise their children to Know God, Love Him and Serve Him- what a blessing!

I have evidently become too "dependent" on my sister-in-law for pictures and since she was not able to come last night- this is the only picture I have. But Jennie took some pictures as well as several others so once I get ahold of them- I will post them on here! I had wanted to get a picture of my mom and mother-in-law who were both able to be there last night- but I did not get one. I did manage to get Reeves to take a picture of my mom and I After the shower last night at our house!

In Tallon news- he and Daddy finally decided it was cold enough to build a fire... and build a fire they did! Here are my proud men!We are working on "thumbs up" with Tallon ( for some reason, he always holds up his pointer)

This picture is REALLY poor quality but I love this little boy's cheesy grin and he actually did get his "thumb up" in this picture!

Today, Reeves had his 2 upper wisdom teeth removed- I wanted to take a picture and post it- but he won't let me. Let's just say... he handles pain a whole lot better than I do and it has actually not been too bad at all. He was the first case this AM so we were home by 9:45 so I cleaned the downstairs and He has rested all day. Kinda nice to be at home for a change!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The countdown continues- exactly 3 weeks and Tess should be here! I had my 36 week check-up this AM and am cont to measure correctly. I am feeling quite a bit of saacrum pressure so the Dr checked- but so far- no dilation or effacing ( which I am VERY happy about- I really would like her to wait until the 39 week c-section). Laying down seems to help with the pressure so I am trying to rest some during the day ( although it is pretty much impossible with Tal) . Susan ( the US tech at the office where my mom works) did a sono for me today and now Tess is almost TOO big to see in full! The US estimated Tess to weigh 6 lbs, 6 oz! I knew my belly was growing but WOW- Tallon was 6lbs 150z when he was born so it just makes things seem more real that she is going to be here SOON! We did get some cute pics of partial views of Tess's face ( eye, nose and lips)- and it looks like she is going to def be similar to her big bro in that she kept 1 hand up by her face and across her eyes/forehead throughout the entire scan. so much for swaddling this time around either! You can see her arm coming up by her nose and than around her face in the above pic!
Is that not the SWEETEST FACE!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Tonight- I carried Tallon up to the hospital for a big brother class. It turned out to be a HUGE hit- they watched a short video, read a book and, he colored a little duck to help entertain Tess during diaper changes, etc and they talked about holding a baby and how to hold a baby and they even practiced with a doll. He learned that the first thing he needs to do is wash his hands and to always ask an adult for help when he wants to hold the baby. It was a fun hour and we both had a good time together interacting and talking about Baby Tess.

When I asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital- his first response was "Tess done growing Mommy?" He is soo sweet and I love that he is excited about his baby sister!

Also- when I kissed him bye as I was heading out the door- Tallon quickly ran to me and said "WAIT- I have to give Baby Tess a kiss bye-bye"!

Saturday, November 08, 2008


We are on the countdown now..... 25 days until Tess arrives!

Makgill came over to play 1 afternoon and both boys wanted pics with Baby Tess! (Mak took the picture of Tal and I and Tal took the picture of Mak and I- pretty impressive for a 4 and 3 yr old!)

I had my 35 week check-up this past Tuesday and am measursing right on target. I am having some braxton hicks contractions but have found that if I stay hydrated they don't seem to appear as much. Tallon and I have been staying busy- I am trying to enjoy these last few days of just he and I so we have been going to storytime at the library and spending some beautiful Fall days at the park and outside in our yard. I had to go to a mandatory 30 min inservice at work this past Thursday so I carried him ( and a snack) with me and after my inservice- we headed down to the nursery. Tallon's face lit up- we talked about Mommy coming to the hospital and Baby Tess coming to the nursery and the Dr checking her out. He has since asked me atleast once a day if we are going to the "hopsicle" ( hospital- pronouced like popsicle except with the Ha) to get Baby Tess today. and He also has been frequently asking me if Tess is done growing and can come out. He has been very verbal for awhile now, but Reeves and I are constantly chuckling at comments Tallon makes and how much he really does seem to understand all that is going on.

so.... the date is set..... December 3rd! Right now, the section will be at 12:30 but I am still hoping that we might can get it moved up to 7:30 ( we will see!) The nursery is almost finished and I have been laundering and folding all of these tiny, sweet pink dresses! Hopefully, we will get some items up on the wall this weekend!

Now for some pictures of the past few weeks:

We headed over to help celebrate 1 of Tallon's favorite classmates- Cooper's birthday- complete with a petting zoo- sooo fun!

Tallon LOVES to be outdoors ( which is going to make things very interesting with a new baby and winter coming soon!) He has also recently gotten into taking bike rides with his daddy! Uncle Collin has a bike trailer and Reeves has been AWESOME at taking Tallon for bike rides on the weekends so I can take several naps!!!!
More pics with 1 of Tal's favorite people- Makgill! These boys have soo much fun together!
We have a GREAT climbing tree in our front yard!
and... our new dining room set!! Someone from church was selling theirs and so we got a great deal on a practically new set!! I can't wait to use it more! ( unfortunately, the dining room table ( much to Reeves' dismay) has become my new sewing area! My mom is letting me use her old machine and I have really enjoyed making several dolls and a diaper bag!! ( I will post pics soon!)