Monday, December 31, 2007


ok- so I am over1 week late on this post, but bright and early on Dec 22, 2007- Baby Leah Mae Hayhoe arrived! Due to all our family in town, we were unable to see Leah in the hospital but we went over Mon morning and had a wonderful time holding this BEAUTIFUL little girl!!! I can hardly wait to hold her again- she is soooo sweet! Tallon was so sweet with Baby Leah- he wanted to hold her and gently touch her head. There is something sweet about seeing your wild, total little boywho loves to run and jump just sit still and be totally enthralled with a tiny baby. Congratulations Steve and Rebecca!!

The proud new daddy!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

ski equipment

Since part of our Christmas gift is going Skiing- I am curious if anyone has any toddler boy size ski clothes size 18-24 months or 2T that you would be willing to let us borrow!! We would be happy to pay shipping!! I have found Tallon some great snowboots at Target and a ski bib, but we could still use a thick jacket!! Thanks!

Christmas Day 2007

I figured that by now- Tallon would be totally unwrapping all the gifts left under our tree, but, surpisingly, he left them alone. He even walked thru the den to our bedroom Christmas morning, Totally oblivious that Santa had left him some fun toys in the den. Once we went into the den, Tallon got into the swing of things again- Santa left a big logging truck, several books, a parking garage for his toy cars and a fire station complete with firetruck and ambulance. We ennjoyed playing for a while and than got ready to head to MiMi and Pops house to celebrate Christmas with them! Once again, I decided to only take a few pictures and just enjoy hanging out with our family!! Mimi and Pops were very generous- they are taking ALL of us to Montana to go skiing in March!! WOOHOO!!!!!!! Reeves and I are already looking forward to the vacation and getting to ski together and we can not WAIT to see Tallon in the snow!!! THANK YA'LL!

Tallon opening up his logging truck
Santa left Tal a new electric toothbrush in his stocking- Tallon now ASKS to brush his teeth ATLEAST 3 times a day!!
Now, on to Mimi and Pop's house

Rob with the video
Tallon digging in to his stocking!!
Mike made me a "wrapping paper holder" from he and Liz - THANK YA'LL! I LOVE IT!
Mom opening her gift from Dad- a Digital photo frame- VERY nicely done Dad!

Christmas Eve

We attended our church's Christmas Eve service and than headed home to spend time together... just our family of 3. My parents always let us open 1 gift on Christmas Eve so I talked Reeves in to letting Tallon do this also. First, we read a children's version of the Christmas story and then we let Tallon open up his gift- he opened up "Hungry Hungry Hippo's". It was sooo much fun- we all played together and would you believe Tallon gobbled up more marbles than Reeves and I several times!! He loved the game and we enjoyed a nice evening together as a family giggling and playing together! I think we might have to make the Christmas Eve gift as a game a tradition for our family!

Christmas with the Cannon's!

Reeves parents had us over Sunday evening for Christmas at their house- my pictures turned out really crummy but we had a BLAST ( I wish I had a picture of all the piles of wrapping paper after we were finished!!! LiLi and Boom- Boom- you were very generous and we appreciate it! We Love ya'll! Tallon, as usual, loved playing with cousins Clara Beth and Makgill!

Sweet Clara Beth waiting patiently to open gifts!
Tallon kept carrying Aunt Erin candy canes to open for him!!
Tallon LOVES his dump truck!

Boom Boom watching the grandkids open their gifts!
Tallon enjoyed tearing the paper this year!!
Aunt Aron, Clara Beth and Makgill

Makgill the PIRATE!
Makgill helping LiLi with her gift
Aron and I carried the kids to Wink and painted a silverware holder for LiLi from the kids- they each placed their handprint on it and we wrote " LiLi's little Gamecocks"- It turned out ADORABLE!!

Mommy and Tal getting ready to SLIDE!!
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Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas!
It is hard to believe that Christmas 2007 has come.... and gone.... so quickly. We were very thankful to be in the same city as both our families' this year so, everyone came to us. The most traveling we did was across town. We spent most of the weekend and early part of Christmas week with my family as both my brother and his wife (from Alabama) and my sister and her husband ( from Kentucky) were in town. We did sneak away for a FUN evening celebrating Christmas with the Cannon's on Sunday afternoon and we were able to sit as a family with the Cannon's on Christmas Eve!
Tallon seemed to enjoy Christmas MUCH more this year- although I still don't think he quite "gets it"! He definitely enjoyed opening gifts- and our families were very generous! On the top favorites this year were his Boz DVDs, toddler size trampoline, remote control John Deer tractor and lots of TRUCKS!! He also received several new books which we are enjoying reading at naptime and bedtime ( THANK YOU- I was growing weary of reading the same words over and over! I am now getting back into the swing of cooking again! Oh- but I did enjoy eating all the yummy food and sweats that our mom's and grandmothers cooked!! Rather than doing a play by play- I am just going to post some highlights of the past week!!

Uncle John, Aunt Gay and John Austin made the trip to SC from Missippi- Tallon ran straight into Aunt Gay's arms when he saw her!!! Thanks for the AWESOME books you gave Tallon (and me) We enjoyed seeing ya'll and missed Patrick and Meg but we will see you this summer for the big wedding=)
Uncle John helping Tal FLY ( Tallon really like this although his face looks funny!)

Nothing like a walk after a BIG meal!

WE ALL LOVE Aunt Liz's chocolate chip cookies!!!

Tiffany and Robert!

playing blocks

An Adams' and Mouchette family favorite- CHENG HI!
We enjoyed having my cousins from Tennessee here- Lauren, Bill and Kathryn are soo grown up and Tallon LOVED all the attention they gave him!! We wish you guys lived closer!!

We decorated Christmas picture frames- FUN IDEA MiMi- Thanks!
and... Mimi made her yummy Sugar cookies and the kids enjoyed cutting out their cookies and decorating them- there were some BEAUTIFUL cookies!!
We spent LOTS of time outside - the guys played football, the girls watched and Tallon ATTEMPTED to play football with the guys!!

Bill, Kathryn and Tallon enjoyed playing on Pop's swingset and running around the yard! They played Chase and Hide and Seek! I love seeing my little boy getting into these "big kids" activities!

Papa enjoyed watching everything going on!

We enjoyed seeing ya'll and Tallon loves his firetruck puzzle and I love the name cards- Thanks soo much for coming down to SC!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Zoo

2 Weeks ago. several friends had invited us to go to "lights at the zoo" with them. The van was packed... the house door was locked and Reeves was opening the van door and all of a sudden.... Tallon threw up..... ALL OVER THE GROUND.... LOTS!!! soo needless to say and much to Tal's sorry * note to self- do not EVER tell your child you are going somewhere fun, like the zoo, until you GET IN the car to go*- Tallon was soo disappointed that we were not going to the zoo!! 3 days later- the virus was over!!

Fast Forward to this past Friday- We had planned another zoo trip and asked Mimi and Pop to share in the adventure, so we all loaded up yesterday afternoon and headed to the Zoo. Thankfully, there was no sick kid this time! We had heard from several people that the lights were neat but that you could not really see the animals so we arrived around 3:30 and spent an hr and a half seeing the animals- this is the BEST time to go to the zoo- the weather was great *notice the short sleeved shirts on everyone- in DECEMBER! hardly anyone was at the zoo and all the animals were out. We watched 3 gorillas eat and climb around their grounds, saw a HUGE brown bear, spent LOTS of time watching the penguins swim, dive and POP back up out of the water- they had some pretty cool landings! Tallon totally LOVED having Mimi and Pop with him and we enjoyed taking our time thru the zoo!Before we left our house, Tallon asked for a lollipop to carry to the zoo.. He brought 1 lollipop for Pop also. As soon as I grabbed my camera to take a picture of Tallon and Pop with their Lollipops- this is what Tallon did!
Click on the above picture to see it larger- Tal is grinning- soo excited to be at the zoo again!
Mimi and Tallon in front of the elephants!

Tallon and Mommy taking a "photo break"

The guys watching the flamingo's

Mimi and Pop celebrated their 31st (I think) anniversary this past Tuesday!
We love ya'll- Thanks for hanging out with us at the zoo and for the yearly zoo pass you gave Tallon for Christmas last year- we have enjoyed using it this past yr!