Friday, February 23, 2007

Ready to go Boating

My friend Jennie took these pics at waterbabies class yest morning. Her husband was able to come to the class and he was soo great playing with both Tallon and their daughter Carlisle!! Yesterday, the kiddos got to see what the lifevests feel like in the water and they also enjoyed playing in the "boat"!! Fun! I can not wait to see Tallon in Poppa's big boat at the lake this summer!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR THIS SPRING-LIKE DAY!! The LORD was soo gracious to give us some warm weather today in the midst of quite a few cold, dreary days. Tallon and I enjoyed our waterbabies class this morning, I put Tal down for an early nap, just so we could have the majority of the afternoon for some outside time and it was.... WONDERFUL!!! We went and saw my Nana and Papa and their dog Bama (who Tallon absolutely ADORES!!) and Poppa came over to play also=) =) Tallon enjoyed throwing the ball and watching Bama catch it and enjoyed running around the yard. We then went to the park (which was quite crowded- evidently EVERYONE with young kids in Florence had the same idea- GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!) Mimi and Poppa came and watched Tallon swing and go down the slide! THEN, Tal and I came home to start dinner and while we were waiting on Daddy to get home- we played outside for ANOTHER HOUR! Tal also enjoyed a ride in his wagon! It was a wonderful day and I can NOT wait for Spring to arrive!!

Throwing the Ball to Bama ( I usually count 1, 2, 3 before I throw the ball and Tallon has picked up on this- only he can't say 1, 2, 3 yet so he makes these cute noises - ugh, ugh, ugh and than throws the ball!!! SOOO CUTE!!

Tallon with his great- grandad- Papa

Tallon and Poppa waving at mommy!


Tallon has been fussy the past few days and we realized why last Saturday when I felt part of tooth coming up in the bottom right of his mouth- his first molar!! Woohoo- only 3 more to go right?! Than, today, we had another period of unending fussyness (which is very unlike my sonn) and sure enough- he is getting another molar on his bottom left of his mouth! Atleast he has not ran a fever with these teeth and he does seem to be sleeping fine at night!! A little bit of motrin seems to do the trick when he gets fussy and than once in his system, it is like he is back to his normal busy self! I am actually sort of hoping that we will just go ahead and get ALL of his molars in and than we would be ALMOST finished with teeth (except we are still waiting on his incisors to come in!)

Check out his cute outfit- My mom just finished smocking and putting this one together! I LOVE Tallon in Navy and i think the sailboats are adorable!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I woke up this AM to a precious son carrying a hand-made sign that my sweet, thoughtful husband made!!

Of course I circled YES- I will always be my husband's Valentine and I am honored that my son wants me to be his valentine also=) =)

Imagine my SURPRISE... and UTTER DELIGHT when I read the back of the note and opened the card up- A HALF DAY AT THE SPA complete with manicure, pedicure and some type of massage- WOW!!! My husband really outdid me this yr- All he got was a $4.50 sweet card with a handwritten note... and a kiss of course!!

We have been checking into wagons lately, as Tal does not really like to be in his stroller when we walk, so we purchased this and it just happened to arrive today so I guess its Tal's Valentine's gift!!! =)

He has not been able to go for a ride in it yet, but he did enjoy singing "Sailing, Sailing...." and rocking the boat or wagon before Daddy put the wheels on!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our Little Fish

Tallon and I started WaterBaby Classes at the YMCA today. SOOO FUN!!! Tallon was not too happy when he had to "shower off" before he could get into the pool and he was a little bit apprehensive and clingy as we entered the pool but after a few minutes, he started to warm up. There was onle 3 babies in the class so it was alot of fun. One of our friends- Carlisle and her mom (Jennie) are also taking the class which made it all the more fun! This week, we sang, spashed, worked on kicking both legs in the water and laying on our backs floating. Tal did really well and especially enjoyed it when the teacher brought out balls for us to play with in the water! It made me look forward to this summer and playing in the pool and at the lake and beach!! We get to go again on Thursday morning and I think both Tal and I are going to enjoy our little pool times together!

This is Tal's friend Carlisle! She hardly wanted to pose for a picture- she was too busy wanting to play and jump in the water!

Friday, February 09, 2007


Makgill got a new set of wheels for his 3 yr birthday- A JEEP!! It is soo cool, it has seatbelts and the radio even plays real music!! Since Tallon was sick around Makgill's Birthday and it has been cold lately, We had not been over to check out Makgill's new car. Well, we finally made it and Makgill is an excellent driver and Tallon really enjoyed riding with him! I figured Tal would get scared, but he LOVED it!! Thanks for sharing your new toy Makgill!!

Turning the radio on and checking out all the buttons you can push!

The seat belts are fastened and the boys are ready to head out!


Clara Beth- isn't she precious!!


Tallon loves to swing! MiMi and Poppa have a swing at their house for him to use, but yesterday, Poppa brought over some tools, wood and.... A BRAND NEW SWING!!!!!! YEAH!! Tallon wes down for a nap, so he missed watching Poppa work, but he woke up just in time to see the final nails hammered in and his swing put up! He LOVED IT... so much that he cried when he had to get out of it yest evening and guess what he wanted to do this morning at 7 AM- HE WANTED TO SWING!!!!!!!!! oh... the joy of boys- it was FREEZING Cold outside, Tal had not had breakfast yet and he just could NOT understand why he could not go swing- he kept pointing out the kitchen door to where he knew we could put the swing up!! I finally managed to get him to calm down and eat breakfast and than we had playgroup so thankfully, it has warmed up some now and when he wakes up from his nap, we will head out into our very own backyard to swing!!!

Poppa hard at work!

Tallon's first swing in his own yard!

Gotta Love that SMILE=)


Monday, February 05, 2007


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Daddy and Tallon spent some time playing on Saturday so Mommy could work on her smocking and get a few other things done. Yes, My mom is teaching me how to smock and I am smocking the most precious little pink dress- I will have to post pics when i am finished! I am soo proud of it! I had originally planned on giving it as a gift, but with all the time and effort I have put into this dress, I am not sure I can let it go. Don't worry- there are no little girls (or for that matter little boys) on the way here. We are still enjoying it being just the 3 of us and are loving being able to spend time interacting with Tallon at this age!!
Anyways, a friend of ours who has a 5 yr old son- brought by TONS of toys that her son had outgrown and gave them to us. One of the toys was a basketball goal- how cool is that. We have had it for a few months, but Reeves pulled it out Saturday and set it up and he and Tallon had the BEST time out there- Tallon loved watching his daddy dunk the ball and he enjoyed it when Reeves pulled a chair up and let Tallon dunk the ball by himself. The pictures are a little dark =( but Tallon had a WONDERFUL day with his daddy playing like only boys can=)


Happy Birthday Boom-Boom!! Today is Reeves' dad Birthday! We all were able to celebrate with him on Saturday evening. Tallon is getting more used to birthday parties now and he really enjoyed watching the candles and eating the yummy cake and ice-cream. He even made his first birthday card- well, I should say he HELPED make it. We colored on a card and he gave it to Boom-Boom for his Birthday!! Thanks for being an excellent Dad, Father-In-Law and Grandad! You truly are a Great example! Hope you have a special birthday!! we love you!

Boom- Boom and Makgill and Tallon watching LiLi light the candles!

Boom-Boom showing the boys how it is done=)

It looks like the guys are ready for the good stuff now--- CAKE!

Tallon LOVES cake and ice-cream!

Tallon loves his Uncle Andrew!

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Erin

Uncle Collin with Clara-Beth

Aunt Aron and the boys checking out the trees in LiLi and Boom-Boom's yard!

Makgill and Tallon spent some quality time playing- well BANGING- on the piano! Tallon would clap and dance while Makgill played! Cousins are so much fun!