Sunday, March 30, 2008


Our small group headed over to the Laing's home this past Friday evening to hang out and enjoy some delicious, homemade brick oven pizza. We have been taking a break from our study due to the busyness in everyone's life so it was wonderful to hang out with our friends again. We are looking forward to starting back up in May again!! I did not take too many pics bc I was too busy eating and talking but here are a few! We sure are thankful for the Friends God has given us here!!

The kids enjoyed running around the yard, sliding, swinging and playing ball while the adults visited!
Rob and Luke
Reeves playing ball with several of the kids
The Emert and Severance Families!

Papa's Truck

We worked in the yard Sat morning and needed some pinestraw- so Reeves borrowed Papa's truck to go pick up the pinestraw. Tallon was with him so he got to ride "up front" in the truck with Daddy. TALK ABOUT A THRILL!! This little boy is still asking to go for a "ride in Papa's truck"!! He thought he was soo cool riding in a truck!!

Sooo, Reeves is putting out the pinestraw and Tallon is walking around with Reeves phone calling people (pretend calling) and when Reeves is finished, he starts looking for his cell phone. Thankfully, we have learned to ask Tallon where stuff is when we know we had seen him with it recently. Tallon immediately grabbed Daddy's hand, walked him over to the truck and pointed up to where you put the gas in. Evidently this is a great place to keep your cell phone!

Who knows HOW LONG Reeves and I would have searched for his cell phone before checking here!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tallon on Ski's

I have soo many pictures of Tallon skiing that it was hard to pick which ones to put on the blog so I tried to capture the full effect of the hour of skiing Tallon did Friday morning. He got to ski with my dad, brother and Reeves which he LOVED. He still is asking me to "go skiing"! (not sure we will find any snow in SC!) We have LOTS of fun video so hopefully I can get some of it on here!

Getting ready to head to the bunny slope

Tallon with Mimi
a BIG thanks fo my mom for getting Tallon all bundled up,
to the slopes and his ski's on him while I ski'd that morning!with Mimi and Pop

Here they come...

Mom, Tiff and I watching Tallon ski with Pop
It was snowing like crazy!

Tallon and Daddy getting ready to head up the Magic Carpet

Reeves and I... all bundled up

Mike, Liz, Tiffany and Robert

I LOVE Tal's face in this pic ( click on it to enlarge the picture)
He absolutely LOVED skiing with Pop

Tallon and Pop skiing down the bunny slope
Tallon LOVED it- He immediately requested to "go again" as soon as he got to the bottom.
so, they headed up again on the Magic Carpet

Tallon skiing with Daddy

click on the photo and it will enlarge and you can see Tallon's ecstatic face!

Group Photo in the Snow

Oops- look who fell down!

Getting ready to get on the ski lift with Daddy, Pop and Uncle Rob

Up they go... (Tallon is in Reeves' lap)

Look just below the fog and you will see a building. The ski lift ends close to it and that is where Tal started coming down the mountain

Skiing with Pop down the "big slope"

Tallon LOVED skiing! A BIG Thanks to Pop and Mimi for taking us to Montana
and also for helping watch Tal while Reeves and I got to ski.
Also- Thanks Pop and Uncle Rob for helping Tallon ski!!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Aron and Collin have a Easter Egg hunt every year at their home and I was soo thrilled that Tallon would be "old enough" to get the concept of hunting for eggs and putting them in his basket. We hda practiced hunting for eggs last week in Montana. So Sunday afternoon, we woke him up from his nap and told him we were going on an Easter Egg Hunt. He grabbed his Easter basket and went around joyfully shouting-"FIND EGGS, FIND EGGS". We enjoyed being with lots of our friends from our small group and the kids had a BLAST. Thanks for throwing such a FUN Easter Egg Hunt Collin, Aron , Makgill and Clara Beth. Tallon came home with a basket full of Easter Eggs.

I did not even get CLOSE to capturing a picture of everyone there- just grabbed a few shots before enjoying just hanging out with friends.

Jessica with Parson and Lilah.... waiting on the hunt to begin
Clara Beth and her basket
Makgill was EVERYWHERE.... He is sooo FAST.

Jeremy and Courtney cheering Olivia on....
Look who found 2 eggs.....
Sweet Bella....I think Luke enjoyed hunting for eggs as much as Tallon did. These 2 boys were running all OVER the yard.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I have lived in Florence since I was 3 yrs old (except for the 4 yrs I was in college and the 3 yrs we were in Dallas. I had never heard of a St Patrick's Day Parade here, but this morning as I was leaving MMO, a friend told me about a family that has a parade every year and the parade was complete with Firetruck and Police car escorts. So, I managed to get Tal down for an early nap, called a few friends and headed out to the home of the parade this afternoon. Dressed in Green and with Tallon's cute hat that he made at MMOI have lived in Florence since I was 3 yrs old ( except for the 3 yr stint we lived in Dallas and the 4 yrs I spent in Clemson). Who knew Florence had a St Patrick's Day Parade?!??? Well, this morning as I was picking Tal up from MMO, a friend from church told me about a family that this AM. Jessica came with Lilah and Parson to watch the parade, LiLi came, and Makgill, Clara Beth and Aron and I participated in the parade. It was soo much FUN- The kids enjoyed seeing the firetruck and police car and they even had green cupcakes with green sprinkles for the kids to eat after the parade. I think this might become a tradition...

Me with Clara Beth and TI managed to get a shot of Makgill despite his attempts for me to NOT take his picture!

Aron, Linda and Clara Beth
the boys did NOT want their picture taken!Tallon wants to be BIG like Makgill sooo much! ( This was Tallon's attempt at climbing the tree after seeing Mak climb it)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Montana update

Below are several pictures from Thursday- the weather was PERFECT. Sunny, clear and the snow was nice and soft- WONDERFUL skiing!!! Today we woke up to 3 new inches of snow and everything is covered- I always love the trees with fresh snow on them. It has been snowing most of the day- the big highlight was that we got Tallon some ski's and my dad, Reeves and Robert took him on the bunny slope and the beginner slope- TALLON LOVED IT! He kept asking to go up again. We got some great video and pics so I will try to post those later on!! We have had a wonderful week and it has been nice getting to visit with my brother and sister and their spouses! Thanks again to the Mullins for the use of your condo and to my parents for taking us to Montana!! We have to leave EARLY in the morning so hopefully Tallon will hold up well in the airport!! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures- we have taken a TON of them!
Tallon has enjoyed getting it the "big bathtub" as he calls it. We usually come in from the slopes and head straight to the hottub!
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Reeves definitely fits in well with my family- he has had a BLAST skiing this week!
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CAREFUL Robert- Don't fall off the mountain=)
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I really like this picture of Reeves and I on the mountain
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