Monday, July 20, 2009

July Update

We just came back from spending almost 2 weeks at the beach. We spent the weekend around July 4th with my parents and Aunt Liz and Uncle Mike and than we pent the week with Cannon's the following week.... LOTS of pictures to come.

Tallon actually made it into the ocean ( and LOVED IT) this year!

Tess is
1- officially crawling ( more of a scoot, roll, stick hiney up in air- but she can make it to whatever she has her eyes on)

2- can now pull up on her crib rail ( what is up with this- Dr. Ben said the normal age for pulling up is 9 months- just FANTASTIC- my little overachiever)

3. clapping with her sweet little hands!

too many firsts in one week if you ask me- I feel like she is growing up right before my eyes!!


Reeves just came downstairs from putting Tal down for bed. They had read their books and than Reeves prayed- he asked if Tallon wanted to pray. First, Tallon said no. but in the middle of Reeves' praying, Tallon said he wanted to pray.... so Reeves said he finished praying and than Tallon prayed.....

"Dear God, Thank you for my new booster seat, THANK YOU"

Reeves said he prayed it in the most sincere and sweetest voice. May I always remember to thank God for the big and little ways he provides for our needs.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Papa turned 83 last week!
We celebrated in fashion with a steak and shrimp dinner
and one of Nana's delicious caramel cakes.

I am so thankful that my kids can know their great-grandparents!
We love you Nana and Papa!