Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fun with Chad and Andi

Chad and Andi have been soo wonderful to us- they have been keeping Tallon 1-2x a week for 3 hrs while both Reeves and I are at work. They just emailed these pics that they had taken from some of their time with Tallon. It is soo evident from the smiles on Tallon's face that he is well loved by them and has a great time when he is with them. They are going to make awesome parents one day. and by the way- CONGRATS to Andi on getting her counseling license!
It has been the well- spent time that Chad has invested in Tallon helping him learn how to practically fly up the stairs!!

A visit with Michelle

Tallon and I spent the afternoon visiting with Michelle ( and Baby Sidney.. atleast that is her name this week=)) Liz and Ashley (5 months) met us there. Michelle is 29 weeks pregnant and on bedrest so please be praying that God will continue to knit this precious little girl in her womb for a few more weeks and that her contractions will cease until time for Sidney to arrive! We enjoyed our visit- Tallon especially enjoyed climbing up the many steps at Michelle's house- he is quite the climber these days. He kept us all smiling as he giggled and chatted away to himself!! He even gave Ashley a kiss! He seems to be becoming more friendly once he has had some time to warm up to others! Posted by Picasa

Sprinkler Park

We met Brigitte and Riley and Christy and Whitaker at the sprinkler park near our apt today. The weather here is AWESOME right now- only reached 89 degrees- Yeah!- much better than the 100 + weather we had all last week!! Thank you Lord for the rain and cooler days!! We carried a picnic lunch and let the kids check out the sprinkler park. Tallon was not quite sure about all the water but he enjoyed walking around while holding onto my fingers and observing and playing in the water while safely in the confines of his mommy's hands!!! Lesson learned- next time I will also wear my bathing suit!! We enjoyed playing with the kids and let them play on the playground and swing also. Thanks for a great time out girls!! Posted by Picasa
Brigitte and Riley at the sprinkler park. Riley enjoyed walking around while holding onto her mommy's hand!
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Christy and Whitaker- Whitaker LOVED the water and enjoyed running through the different sprinklers. He is 2 months older than Tallon and a lot more steady on his feet!
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Sunday, August 27, 2006

We attempted to place all the boys on the blanket for a picture, but they had other ideas- mainly exploring OFF the blanket!!
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They guys waiting on the girls (and babies) to load up so they can go play ball!
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Tallon enjoyed swinging with Cole and Caden while Daddy played Whiffleball!
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Caden and Tallon checking out everyone!

A Birthday Celebration

The last 2 yrs, the Hsiao's have invited us over to celebrate Loren's birthday. It always involves some sort of sport or game for the guys to play and of course Cake! We all spent some time remembering last yr and my pregnant belly and now, they and several others of us all have babies! WHAT A YEAR!!!!! We had a blast Loren and Steph- Thanks for having us and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Loren!

Below are all the Mom's and their baby boys ( Katie and Caden (6 months), Heather and Braedon (9 weeks), Tallon and I, Stephanie and Aiden(6 weeks), and Alicia and Cole ( 1 1/2 yrs).

Friday Fun

Tallon and I spent the afternoon Friday at Ashlyn's house while her Mom went to a conference. Ashlyn is such a fun little 3 1/2 yr old and she kept Tallon laughing and smiling as she sang, played dress up and danced around him!

Ashlyn also had some really fun toys at her house! Check out her princess outfit- she is such a beautiful little girl!!!!

We met up with Andi at the mall Friday afternoon and let Ashlyn and Tallon play! ( I have no idea whose feet those are!!)

Tallon loves to go thru the tube- he will crawl to the other end, turn around and wave at Mommy and than crawl back (over and over!!)

What a sweet smile to go along with a Fun day- Thanks for hanging out with me Andi- it was nice to have some adult conversation as the kids played and some help keeping up with 2 kids- YIKES- I do not know how people do it!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hi Mommy

Tallon loves his mommy- Anytime he and Reeves are playing or doing something- if he sees me, Tallon is quick to wave and try to make sure I feel included also!!

on a side note: I have been eating grilled cheese sandwiches the past 2 nights for dinner and guess what Tallon likes....... GRILLED CHEESE sandwiches! I am going to have to watch out and start making him his own bc tonight he ate a whole little triangle!! Posted by Picasa

sooo silly

My daddy is soo silly- he and I played peek-a-boo with the pillows on the bed yesterday and we had soo much fun LAUGHING at each other as we played! Posted by Picasa

Just Relaxing

We put Tallon up on our bed so we could change his diaper and get him dressed yesterday morning and look where he crawled right over to... It must be a good life- just chilling and relaxing on the big bed! ( I LOVE his little right arm up over his head- I sleep like this so maybe he does have a little bit of his mommy in him!) Posted by Picasa
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Here is the deal, we have quite a few pregnant and new moms in my SS group, some on strict bedrest and several others with illnesses and we are trying to get together a few recipes- mainly casseroles that they can pull out the freezer and use- I have 1 really good Chicken Rotel recipe ( its from my Nana and it is delicious!!!) but i would LOVE to have some other casserole recipes to chose from! I have been searching online but you just never know how good the recipe really is. SOOOO, I was hoping that someone out there who reads this blog might like to share some of their favorites with me!!!!!!! Please, my family could use a few different recipes in the dinner mix as well! ok- just 1 stipulation- I have a crawling/walking 11 month old soo it can't be too difficult or take like 3 hrs!!! THANKS EVERYONE for taking the time to comment and post recipes!!!!! I know they will be a blessing to the homes they go to and the families they minister too!!

UPDATE:: THANKS SOO MUCH FOR ALL THE COMMENTS AND RECIPES!!!!! You guys are awesome- I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes this weekend=)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Visit with Friends from SC

Mr. and Mrs Threadgill come out to the Dallas area about once a year for meetings. Mrs. Dottie was the secretary at the school Reeves and I attended so she has sort of watched us grow up! They called us up and Tallon and I were able to meet up with them in Ft. Worth Friday evening. Tallon enjoyed strolling around with Mr. Billy while Mrs. Dottie and I visited! Downtown Ft Worth is quite the happening place at night. We ate a fun little Mexican restaurant and the gave Tallon a cute little book about some dolphins and a ball. They also brought me a "Southern Cookbook" from Paula Deen- it has some GREAT recipes in it and I can't wait to try them out! Thanks for calling us up! We enjoyed seeing ya'll and hope to see you next time you are back in the Dallas area! Posted by Picasa
Tallon with "Mrs." Dottie
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Tallon and I invited some friends to come over and eat lunch and play today. Mrs. Andi, Allison, Mrs. Patty and Hannah and Mrs. Brigitte and Riley came over! Tallon was not quite sure what to think of the girls playing with "his" toys ( guess we need to have other kids over more often!), but he enjoyed crawling and walking around on the floor with them. I enjoyed having some "girl time"! Thanks for coming everyone! Posted by Picasa
Could you please go help Hannah- she doesn't sound too happy that her Mommy got out of the picture! Posted by Picasa
Tallon is not quite sure what to think of all the girls at his house today! Posted by Picasa
Tallon loves "Ms Andi"- He really enjoys playing with her and Mr. Chad. He especially enjoys climbing up the stairs at their house and exploring!! Posted by Picasa
Hi everyone! It's been awhile since my mom has blogged, but we have been busy.... PLAYING!! and taking a few naps and managing to cut another tooth! So see, we are staying busy! Hope you enjoy the next few pictures!
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