Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All in a Morning!

I took these pictures last week when Tallon still was not feeling quite up to his normal self- hence the reddened eyes and face. I really am enjoying this age bc Tal is soo busy and starting to really express himself and his likes and dislikes- he actually is trying to say words now and loves to clap, hit his knees, do the hokey-pokey and enjoys playing with his mommy! Hope you enjoy these pictures- Tal's attention span is pretty short so we managed to color, play with play-doh and write on his chalkboard (THANKS AUNT LIZ AND UNCLE MIKE FOR THE COOL CHRISTMAS GIFT! What a FUN morning!

Time for some milk!! Sorry- I did not get any pictures of him actually coloring but i had to stay close by to keep the crayons from being eaten! haha=) Tal has definitely improved over the last few times we had pulled out the crayons- he seems to be getting the hang of coloring- and likes to use lots of different colors!

Check out the squiggles around Tal's name- his mommy wrote his name on the chalkboard while Tallon drew sqiggly lines and tried a few "tastes" of the chalk!

No Morning is complete without a game of Peek-a-Boo!!


Now on to something else!

Tallon has recently figured out he can "climb" on top of his train table! Oh the Joys of being 16 months old!

Thanks for coming by and seeing a bit of what our mornings are like!

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