Thursday, April 24, 2008


sorry for the lack of blog posts, but I have not felt up to blogging- been doing LOTS more laying on the couch and trying to eat often enough to prevent getting sick. We are doing well though- I have some pics of Tallon to post and will do soo soon. The big news with Tal is that last Thursday he learned how to PEDAL HIS TRICYCLE!!!!! What a BIG BOY. I could not believe it when he hopped on the trike and started trying to pedal. I hardly had to work with the kid- I guess boys are born knowing how to run, jump and pedal! It has made me realize how BIG he is getting.

For other big news....
We got to see baby #2 this morning. Everything looks good. You could even start to see the arm and legs budding out=) Heartbeat was 165. I am amazed everytime I see this tiny dot and how God is already knitting it together inside of me.

Friday, April 18, 2008


12- approximately the number of strawberries I ate this afternoon while we were at the
strawberry patch picking strawberries-- can you say DELICIOUS!!

3 or 4- the number of strawberries Tallon "tasted" with his tongue to see if he liked
strawberries.... umm- we definitely still do not care of strawberries

3- how many times we got up with Tal last night ( seriously- when are they supposed to sleep thru the night??

4- the number of nights we got to spend "childless" last week- while Reeves was at a conference, I enjoyed shopping and eating and Tallon enjoyed time with the grandparents!!

9- the number of times Tallon has asked me to go see Mak today! (and it is only 2 pm!)

2- the number of birthday gifts I bought today

0- the amount of cleaning that I have done today

6 1/2- how many weeks pregnant we are with baby #2

I won't bother you with how many times I have been nauseaus or tired this week- that number is too high to count!! =) But we are THRILLED and soo excited about the little baby God is knitting together in my womb. I am one of those who always says I am going to wait til I am 12 weeks (or further along) to tell people because I "worry" about all the what-ifs. but God has blessed us with a wonderful support system of family and friends and I just can not keep quiet!! so look for the next little Cannon to arrive sometime early December ( Lord willing!)