Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

We had a wonderful Christmas and were able to see Lots of our family without ever having to travel! What a nice change from the previous years!! Tallon seemed to really enjoy opening gifts this year and all the attention that he received! He is quite the little show off- dancing, doing the hokey-pokey and teasing with his hugs and kisses!! We enjoyed having Christmas morning to just our little family- We gave Tallon a car ( we had actually gotten this for his birthday in Sept but he received so many gifts, we never gave it to him=)) , a rocking chair, a few books and some play-doh!! The CAR WAS A HUGE HIT- he immediately went to it Christmas morning and we had quite a difficult time getting him off of it( see pictures below- in most of them- he is ON THE CAR!- you can turn the key and it makes about 4-5 different car noises and the horn also "beeps." Tallon's lets are not quite long enough yet to push the car around the house but i am sure he will be zooming all over the house pretty soon!! We have enjoyed reading in our new "spot"- his rocking chair!! He received lots of fun gifts from our family and friends - THANKS EVERYONE!!

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Christmas Eve

We enjoyed celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve with Reeves' family. We all had a wonderful time and Tallon loved helping me open his gifts from Li Li and Boom Boom. He also enjoyed watching Makgill open his gifts and they had a blast playing with some of the gifts- mainly the fake food- together!! The following picture was taken at the Christmas Eve service. We were thankful to be able to go this yr- last yr we got to Stonebriar and there were no more seats left!
Christmas Eve 2006

A Look Back

Christmas 2005
3 months

This year has flown by! When I look back over it- I can not help but smile and Thank the Lord for the precious time and memories He has given us with Tallon. All too often, I am reminded that yes, he is my son, but life is but a vapor and the Lord knows his days! I am so thankful for the year God has given us with Tal and pray for many more, but more importantly that we will raise Tallon to fear the Lord and that he will come to know the Lord one day! Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did as I looked back on Tallon's 1st Christmas in 2005- he was only 3 months old!
Christmas 2006
15 months

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tallon and I went over to Nana's house yesterday morning. Papa and Poppa were at the lake for the day so we thought Bama (Nana and Papa's dog) needed some entertainment!! Tallon is Nana and Papa's first great grandchild- so they think he is very special- he seems to feel the same way about them- he LOVES to go over to their house! I am so thankful they are in Florence near us now and we don't have to travel to Alabama to see them! We had a wonderful morning. Nana went with us to the mall and we finished up some Christmas shopping and then we came back and played and played and played with Bama. Tallon LOVES animals and Bama enjoys having someone throw the ball to him! He is very good with Tallon and even lets Tal get close without snipping at him! Nana fixed us some delicious homemade turkey soup- YUMMY!! Thanks for a fun morning! We love you Nana! Tallon did not seem to want to stay still for a picture with Nana- as soon as we set him down- he was OFF into the yard looking for Bama and the ball!
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Tallon and Nana getting ready to pick up the ball to throw it to Bama!
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Trying to catch Bama!
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Running around outside at Nana and Papa's house!
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Check out that face and those moves- I think we have a future ball player!
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Tal getting ready to pick up the ball to throw it to Bama!
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Come on Bama- I am not tired yet- lets play some more ball!
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HERE I COME!!!!!!!
Bama chasing Tallon- check out that fun- filled expression.
Tal loves a good game of chase!
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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Playing at the Park

The weather here has been warm and sunny this past week so we made it to the park several mornings in a row. Tallon really enjoys the outdoors and so this has been a safe place for me to take him to let him explore and play. Friday morning, we met Tal's cousins- Makgill and Clara-Beth and his new friend Grant at the park. It was soo refreshing to hang out and visit with the other moms and watch the boys interact! Tallon absolute adores his cousin Makgill!

Makgill helping Tallon drive the truck!

Tallon and Clara-Beth in the swing with Makgill pushing them!!Makgill going down the big boy slide! Very FAST!

OOPS- it looks like someone lost a shoe... again!! Does anybody else's child not like to wear shoes??!

Last night, we joined Clara-Beth and Makgill to see Santa. Tallon SCREAMED- oh well!! Maybe next year!! I still cannot believe Christmas is almost here. We are looking forward to getting to share the holidays with our families this year and not have to travel!!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad! 30 yrs
1 move to SC from Alabama,
2 daughters and 1 son,
lots of trips to Colorado and the lake house,
piano recitals, sports games, tennis matches,
lots of giggles and laughter,
Clemson and Alabama grads,
1 adorable, cute, giggly, lovable grandson in the same city as ya'll!!

what more could you ask for?!?
WE LOVE YA"LL!! Looking forward to watching your marriage grow in the next 30 yrs!!
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Weddings and Fun

My brother got married this past Saturday so on Thursday we headed up to Birmingham, Alabama to be there for the festivities! We enjoyed seeing my family from Texas, Alabama, Tennesse, North Carolina and Georgia! WHEW- it is hard to get everyone together so it was fun to all be together! We did not get a lot of sleep and played quite a few hands of cards in the lobby of the hotel while we visited. Tallon enjoyed seeing his cousins and aunts and uncles and he was quite the center of attention- He has recently learned the hokey-pokey- complete with motions and dancing so he had to show this to everyone we saw ( along with.. if your happy and you know it clap your hands!) He did very well though, considering that he missed his nap most days! We are glad to be home though and Thankful we got to share a part in Tiffany and Robert's day. Now if only we were in St. Lucia on vacation! Have a great time ya'll! we love you
Nana, Aunt Gay, Mom, Liz and I before the luncheon- let the festivities begin!
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At the bridesmaid luncheon Friday. We ate at this quaint little restaurant called Cobb Lane in downtown Birminham - very fun! Posted by Picasa
The Adams family (and spouses) posing with the Mouchette family before the rehearsal! Posted by Picasa
Wait a second Poppa- I thought it would be fun to stand up with you, but i am NOT ready to get married yet- my mommy want let me! Posted by Picasa
Tallon playing in the church during the rehearsal!
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This food is pretty yummy mommy- my favorite is the mac and cheese- its a good thing you don't like it- since i ate all of yours off your plate! Posted by Picasa
up the stairs we go!
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Tallon loved playing with his cousins Kathryn and Bill during the rehearsal dinner! Posted by Picasa
I thought you said we were getting ready to go bye- bye!?
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Getting ready to head back to the hotel after the rehearsal dinner! What a nice looking group! Posted by Picasa
what a beautiful bride-- my new sister-in-law- Tiffany
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