Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

We had a wonderful Christmas and were able to see Lots of our family without ever having to travel! What a nice change from the previous years!! Tallon seemed to really enjoy opening gifts this year and all the attention that he received! He is quite the little show off- dancing, doing the hokey-pokey and teasing with his hugs and kisses!! We enjoyed having Christmas morning to just our little family- We gave Tallon a car ( we had actually gotten this for his birthday in Sept but he received so many gifts, we never gave it to him=)) , a rocking chair, a few books and some play-doh!! The CAR WAS A HUGE HIT- he immediately went to it Christmas morning and we had quite a difficult time getting him off of it( see pictures below- in most of them- he is ON THE CAR!- you can turn the key and it makes about 4-5 different car noises and the horn also "beeps." Tallon's lets are not quite long enough yet to push the car around the house but i am sure he will be zooming all over the house pretty soon!! We have enjoyed reading in our new "spot"- his rocking chair!! He received lots of fun gifts from our family and friends - THANKS EVERYONE!!

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M/G said...

His chair is adorable!! I'm sure he'll spend lots of time enjoying it. Anna's loves her rocking chair. Glad to hear you had a great Christmas. Isn't it wonderful being close to family?!! What a blessing for us to be close this year as well and not have to fly anywhere.

Michael & Meaghan said...

It looks like Tallon had a wonderful Christmas. What a great chair for him to read in.

Beth, Joshua & Isabella said...

Thanks for the comment. Great to hear from you. All is well here. Getting ready to head back to work! ;-)