Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Zoo

2 Weeks ago. several friends had invited us to go to "lights at the zoo" with them. The van was packed... the house door was locked and Reeves was opening the van door and all of a sudden.... Tallon threw up..... ALL OVER THE GROUND.... LOTS!!! soo needless to say and much to Tal's sorry * note to self- do not EVER tell your child you are going somewhere fun, like the zoo, until you GET IN the car to go*- Tallon was soo disappointed that we were not going to the zoo!! 3 days later- the virus was over!!

Fast Forward to this past Friday- We had planned another zoo trip and asked Mimi and Pop to share in the adventure, so we all loaded up yesterday afternoon and headed to the Zoo. Thankfully, there was no sick kid this time! We had heard from several people that the lights were neat but that you could not really see the animals so we arrived around 3:30 and spent an hr and a half seeing the animals- this is the BEST time to go to the zoo- the weather was great *notice the short sleeved shirts on everyone- in DECEMBER! hardly anyone was at the zoo and all the animals were out. We watched 3 gorillas eat and climb around their grounds, saw a HUGE brown bear, spent LOTS of time watching the penguins swim, dive and POP back up out of the water- they had some pretty cool landings! Tallon totally LOVED having Mimi and Pop with him and we enjoyed taking our time thru the zoo!Before we left our house, Tallon asked for a lollipop to carry to the zoo.. He brought 1 lollipop for Pop also. As soon as I grabbed my camera to take a picture of Tallon and Pop with their Lollipops- this is what Tallon did!
Click on the above picture to see it larger- Tal is grinning- soo excited to be at the zoo again!
Mimi and Tallon in front of the elephants!

Tallon and Mommy taking a "photo break"

The guys watching the flamingo's

Mimi and Pop celebrated their 31st (I think) anniversary this past Tuesday!
We love ya'll- Thanks for hanging out with us at the zoo and for the yearly zoo pass you gave Tallon for Christmas last year- we have enjoyed using it this past yr!


Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

I had no idea he had a virus while we were gone! Soooo Sorry! Viruses STINK!

DarleyFamily said...

Oh my...and I thought my two were the only ones that caught tummy bugs ALL the time. No fun and it's pittiful seeing them so sick. They just don't understand everything going on. Glad to see you made it to the zoo afterall. I think it is much better in the day time for kids the age of ours. We took the boys over Thanksgiving for the lights at night and it got old to them very fast.

Tell Tal no more bugs:)