Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

I figured that by now- Tallon would be totally unwrapping all the gifts left under our tree, but, surpisingly, he left them alone. He even walked thru the den to our bedroom Christmas morning, Totally oblivious that Santa had left him some fun toys in the den. Once we went into the den, Tallon got into the swing of things again- Santa left a big logging truck, several books, a parking garage for his toy cars and a fire station complete with firetruck and ambulance. We ennjoyed playing for a while and than got ready to head to MiMi and Pops house to celebrate Christmas with them! Once again, I decided to only take a few pictures and just enjoy hanging out with our family!! Mimi and Pops were very generous- they are taking ALL of us to Montana to go skiing in March!! WOOHOO!!!!!!! Reeves and I are already looking forward to the vacation and getting to ski together and we can not WAIT to see Tallon in the snow!!! THANK YA'LL!

Tallon opening up his logging truck
Santa left Tal a new electric toothbrush in his stocking- Tallon now ASKS to brush his teeth ATLEAST 3 times a day!!
Now, on to Mimi and Pop's house

Rob with the video
Tallon digging in to his stocking!!
Mike made me a "wrapping paper holder" from he and Liz - THANK YA'LL! I LOVE IT!
Mom opening her gift from Dad- a Digital photo frame- VERY nicely done Dad!


Kaelyn said...

Skiing will be so much fun...what a neat gift!

Grangers said...

Glad to see the Granger Logo floating around the house on Christmas morning!!!