Saturday, December 01, 2007


I finally downloaded the pictures off my camera and laughed as I remembered some of these recent events in the Cannon household! Hope you enjoy them too!

Reeves and I were getting ready to go somewhere 1 day and we could hear Tallon's little steps running around the house, but I suddenly realized that Tallon had been quiet... a little too quiet..... this is what the rascal was up to! His first ( and hopefully last bit of fun with toilet paper!!
Tallon woke up from his nap 3 different afternoons last week with hives- each time- they were worse. So I started to take pictures in case I needed to show them to the Dr. Thankfully, we have not had any hives since then!! We think that he had a virus and the virus caused them!!
We finally got a tv cabinet... and I love it! Pop, Mimi, Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz came over to help us get it off the truck and into the house. Pop quickly placed Tallon up into the cabinet and played some quick games of "where is Tallon" with the doors closed and than opened them with Tallon grinning!!!!! Thankfully, Tallon has "forgotten that game" and we have not found him up in the tv cabinet since that day=)

We spent Thanksgiving lunch with my family and dinner with Reeves' family. What a wonderful blessing to have both families in the same city. My sister and her hubby and their cat - Checkers- were here for Thanksgiving and we spent most of the weekend at my parents home . Tallon LOVED Checkers!
Tallon LOVES Pop's chair!
and this kid adores his Mimi!We spent my birthday (Fri, Nov 23) at my parents- they had a yummy steak and shrimp dinner for me!! I can hardly believe I am 28 but it was fun to celebrate with our family and Tallon enjoyed singing to me and the caramel cake that Nana made=)

We went and got our Christmas tree and decorated it. Tallon LOVES the lights!!

After decorating the tree, Tallon requested some oatmeal. I sat him down at his table in the kitchen and Reeves and I were putting out a few more Christmas decorations in the den. next thing I knew- Tallon had climbed UP on top of the toy box and sat there with his oatmeal! (this is also a "no-no"- what is it with kids and climbing!
Reeves enjoyed relaxing after putting up the decorations!
Aunt Aron, Mak and Clara Beth came over to play 1 afternoon this past week- Tallon LOVED wearing Clara Beth's sunglasses- SILLY BOY!
Abby and her baby sister Josie came over for a few hours 1 evening while their parents were out. Tallon enjoyed playing with Abby and loved Baby Josie (only 6 weeks). I enjoyed holding a newborn again. although I also enjoyed handing her back over to her mom and being able to sleep all night=)

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Michelle said...

Happy belated 28th Rebecca!

Also, I am impressed you managed to go so long without toilet paper strewn around the house. ;) I have caught Sydney many times with the roll many times.