Saturday, December 01, 2007


We headed to Wink Pottery to paint some Christmas gifts this past Thursday morning. Several friends met us there. I totally love this place- it is so fun and they have a kid friendly play area where the kids can go when they have "had enough" of painting!

Tallon and I took a quick break for a picture! can you see all the paint on my son's shirt!

Luke having his hand "painted"
carefully placing the hand to the plate!

Tallon trying to help mommy paint her plate!

Sweet Bella and her mom Susan
Claudia was totally prepared for painting- she wore her "paint apron"
I loved the ornaments Hope did with Claudia- they used Claudia's thumb print to make a reindeer- SOOOO CUTE!

Luke was VERY proud of his choo-choo train ornament

Tallon's ornament- we used his fingerprints on each of the corners of the star!

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Michelle said...

So cute and fun! What sweet memories you are making!