Monday, December 31, 2007


ok- so I am over1 week late on this post, but bright and early on Dec 22, 2007- Baby Leah Mae Hayhoe arrived! Due to all our family in town, we were unable to see Leah in the hospital but we went over Mon morning and had a wonderful time holding this BEAUTIFUL little girl!!! I can hardly wait to hold her again- she is soooo sweet! Tallon was so sweet with Baby Leah- he wanted to hold her and gently touch her head. There is something sweet about seeing your wild, total little boywho loves to run and jump just sit still and be totally enthralled with a tiny baby. Congratulations Steve and Rebecca!!

The proud new daddy!


Michelle said...

That top picture is so sweet!

Kaelyn said...

Sweet pic of Tallon and the baby!