Saturday, December 01, 2007

Girls Night Out

and a Baby Shower for Rebecca and Kristin who are
expecting little girls in the next month!
We can not wait to meet, cuddle and love on Baby Leah and Sadie!
If you are wondering what we did.....
we spent lots of time lounging in Jennie's kitchen area, eating and talking.... all while holding a few young babies and not having to keep up with any toddlers!! We also had a wonderful time of prayer for these 2 new moms and babies! The dads were soo kind and took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for the evening- I don't know about the rest of you-- but Tallon had a BLAST. So maybe we should do this again.... soon!

Look at all the Yummy Girly Food!

We decided at the end of the evening to try to take a group picture.....WAIT- I think we are missing someone!?!
There she is- glad you were able to grab everyone in 1 frame Jennie and figure out how to use the timer on my camera!! Guess I need to read up on my camera some more!!
Thanks for a fun evening ladies- I am soo thankful for each one of you and your friendship.

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Heidi said...

Looks like lots of fun--sorry I missed it.