Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pajama Morning

I tend to go, Go, GO.... all week long. Tallon and I just both like to "get out of the house." Several friends encouraged me to "slow down" and enjoy some time at home with Tallon, so we started Pajama Day this week. It actually turned in to only being Pajama morning ( we are STILL working on staying home for an ENTIRE day), but we had a blast. We both stayed in our pj's and we played trains, crashed several trucks, built some tall towers with his blocks and Tallon's favorite morning activity..... FINGERPAINTING!I really enjoyed just playing and interacting with my son and all in all... it was a messy morning, but an extremely FUN morning! Tallon is extremely verbal now and is talking in some sentences! I LOVE IT.....especially when he comes up to me and says "sis, mommy, sis" meaning KISS mommy Kiss!!! AHHH- little boys are sooo sweet! Tal also gives a great big HUG and nows says " I love you too"!!!!!!!!!!!

Then Tallon hopped in the bath... one of his FAVORITE places to hang out....
Yes- this kid LOVES the tub and often spends 30 plus minutes swimming and playing. He is often quite shriveled up by the time he gets out=)Then we put on Tal's fun Christmas outfit that Mimi "got" him
( as Tallon would tell you) and grabbed a few fun pics of Tal and his big boy room!
he LOVES his truck bedding!! THANK YOU for helping keep bedtime fun TARGET!
We moved Tallon's electric train into his bedroom .
Tallon spends LOTS of time playing with his workbench.
This is my hammer mommy!
Tallon's bookcase .


Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

Yes, little boys are So Sweet, and Tal is one of the sweetest I know! It blows my mind how similar he and his cousin are...the sheets, the workbench, and so many others. Glad you are slowing down and enjoying him!

Michelle said...

I love Tal's big boy room with the trucks. So cute! I love keeping up with you through your blog!

DarleyFamily said...

His room is so fun! The boys would LOVE his sheets. I am so impressed he is in a real big boy bed...and I am sure he is a perfect angel and stays put for nap and bed time. My two monkeys, however, do not. They are now separated at nap time and in pack n plays. We start bedtime in their room together...and it usually ends with Parker in the next room in the pack n play. They DO NOT stay in bed and love to play at bedtime, often staying up 1 1/2 hours past thier bedtime.

I can only spank so much for this. We actually just found Peyton asleep on the floor by his door...Parker is in the pack n play in the next room. One day we will get there. They just feed off each other.

Love his outfit...soo cute:)