Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend of Fun

One of our friends- Isabella turned 1 recently and she had a "dress up" Halloween themed birthday party yesterday afternoon! Although Tallon did not take a nap yesterday (except for maybe a 30 min catnap on the couch), he had a BLAST at the party. He jumped in the bounce house, played in the cars and ran around like a little boy (in his lion outfit)!! It was so fun getting to see hear him "roar" and pretend to be a lion- soo cute!!
Happy Birthday Isabella!

Tallon in the bounce house!
Sweet Clara Beth- a little chick!
CB was nice enough to push Tallon in the car!! Tal sure does love his cousins!!!!
Makgill and Alana playing! I just love their expressions!Tallon LOVES his cousin "Mak" (as Tal calls him)

I just love this picture with both of their "tails"!

These cars are soo fun- especially when their is another child to push you!

My little lion!
Is he cute or what!!!!!
I just love this outfit- Thanks soooo much for making it Mom- you did a FANTASTIC job!!!

Sunday afternoon- Aron, Collin, Makgill and Clara Beth had a pumpkin carving party. They had a great turnout and it was nice and cool for the party- definitely feels like Fall now!!! =) We had a blast and appreciate ya'll having us over- we think you should definitely make this an "annual event"!!! I am sure that Collin and Aron had lots more (and better quality) photos on their blog- so be sure to check it out!

Tallon enjoyed having Boom Boom and LiLi at the party- they were fantastic and
played with him while I helped Reeves carve the pumpkins!

Reeves working on our pumpkin!
The Lemaster family starting on their pumpkin!

Quality father and daughter time- sweet Claudia and her dad!
while mommy gets started on their pumpkin!=)

Tallon and Anna riding in the jeep!

The jeep was a HUGE hit and somebody was playing in it constantly!

Sweet Olivia and her pumpkin- soo glad she is feeling better and could make the party!

Collin getting ready to carve the Smith family "pirate ship pumpkin"
Makgill picked out the template and it was pretty amazing- too bad I did not get a picture of the finished pumpkin- it was "very cool"!

The Granger's- Brandon had one of the most "intricate designs"-
must have something to do with his landscaping ability!

Reeves did a fantastic job carving our pumpkins- all 3 of them!
We carved one "happy face" pumpkin for oujr house and than we carved
a "USC" pumpkin for Reeves' parents and a "BAMA" pumpkin for my parents!

LiLi helping all 3 of her grandchildren with the jeep!

My serious little boy!

who could forget baby Evelyn-
she had her own pumpkin keeping watch close by!


Michelle said...

I love Tallon's lion costume and I am so impressed your mom made it! All the kids are so cute dressed up. Our weather is finally cooling down too - so nice to be outdoors! Happy Fall!!!!

The Severances said...

Great pics! I feel like we were there. Looks like it was a ton of fun for everybody.

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Bec - it looks like y'all had so much fun! How cute are those kiddos! I love Tal's lion costume. Great job on the pumpkins!

The Bakers said...

I love Tallons costume. How cute! The pumpkin carving party was a great idea. Looks like you all had fun carving them.

M/G said...

Looks like such a fun time! Your mom did a great job on his costume! How lucky you are to have her talent close by. :0)