Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our little Lion

Happy Halloween!! I am posting this first picture in honor of my brother Robert and his beautiful wife Tiffany- they are getting ready to celebrate their first anniversary in another month!!Here is our pumpkin- if only we had been able to be home 1 evening this week so we could have lit it up on our porch- we are sooo busy!!
After a short nap- We were ready to start the trick or treating! Tallon and Mommy met up with Aunt Aron, Uncle Collin and Makgill and Clara Beth and off we went!
First stop- Nana's house- she had yummy pumpkin sugar cookies for the kids... along with some choclate! Tallon was a little timid at first- not sure why mommy wanted him to hold his bucket but he quickly caught on as soon as Nana handed him some candy!

LiLi's home! The kids had a blast going thru LiLi's candy jar (on the floor) and taking HUGE handfulls of chocolate to add to their buckets!! LiLi also gave Tallon a YUMMY sugar cookie and cupcake!

LiLi with all her grandkids! We are so blessed to have such hands- on Grandparents for Tallon to know!

Aunt Aron and Clara Beth!
Next- we split up and Tallon and I headed home to pick up Daddy and head over to Nana and Papa's home for some trick or treating!
Tallon scanning the countertop for the candy!

Such a sweet boy- he shared his m and m's with Bama!

I wanted to grab a picture of Tallon with his great-grandparents-- tallon was not thrilled!

but, he did sit still for a picture with Daddy and Papa!

hey- Papa has my tail!

next thing we know- Bama jumps up next to Papa so what does Tallon do-----
runs over and climbs up next to Bama- This kid LOVES animals and he is a HUGE fan of BAMA!

We headed to our next stop- around the corner.... to Mimi and Pop's house- they were waiting- ready to see the little lion. Check this video out.

Tallon- the happy little lion (Thanks to all that chocolate!)

Whenever someone would ask Tallon about his Lion costume- he would point to the outfit and say "Mimi got me" - sooo cute!

hmmm... what ya got there Mimi?

Candy- YUMMY!

We love our little lion!!

One last picture before we head to the Patterson's for the Party!
We had a blast seeing all the kids from our small group dressed up and hanging out!! I think all the chocolate that he had been eating for the last hr and a half was kicking in!!! Check our Aron and Collin's blog for fun pictures from the party!! I remember seeing many of these kiddos last yr in their costumes and than to see them this year- all 1 year older! what a blessing to have Friends to Enjoy these days with!

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Chris & Emily said...

looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! Trying your crock pot recipe tonight!! i'll let you know how it turns out. Em