Saturday, October 20, 2007


(L-R-Tallon,Olivia, Abby and Carlisle)
The Men had "Guys Night Out" at the church last night, so Courtney- the ever so gracious host- invited Jennie, Lia and I over (with the kiddos) for dinner and playtime! Just pictures little feet running all over wooden floors, toys everywhere, a few tears and LOTS of giggles ( while the moms supervised and enjoyed YUMMY grilled chicken salads!! These kids had a blast playing together and it is so fun watching them interact! Tallon- the only boy- tends to be a loner and often could be found playing quietly in Olivia's room while the girls where happily playing in the den or kitchen! We did manage to grab 1 picture of all the kids together and still!!
The precious, sweet little September baby girls
( I believe that Evelyn is on the Left and Josie is on the Right)

There was LOTS of jumping and bouncing around.... and of course..... tower building!
Sweet Olivia!
They all enjoyed "playing " the piano
I love these precious serious little faces!
The dads' joined us later on in the evening and there was much laughter and wonderful conversation. "Mr Reebs" ( as Olivia calls Reeves) helped Olivia and Tallon build towers!
Stacey and Lia
What a blessing that they arrived in SC only 3 months after we moved here.
Transplants from Birmingham!

Jeremy and Courtney
Arrived in SC slightly before us.
Transplants from Charlotte

Brian and Jennie
I think they have been in Florence the longest.
transplants from all over- it is definitely fun hearing their
stories from where all they have lived!


Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

Looks like FUN...and chaos!

Courtney said...

Thanks for blogging this and getting some pictures...and for sharing such a fun night--well, fun weekend in fact, wasn't it?