Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shell Island

Our friends- the Grangers and the Pattersons both have boats and they had planned a day trip to Georgetown to take the boats out to Shell Island and invited us to join them!! When Tallon woke up Sunday morning- Reeves was soo excited to tell him we were going on a boat- THIS KID GOT SOOO EXCITED!! He LOVES Pop's boat and kept asking for Pop and Mimi and we kept saying - No- we are going with Dr. Brian, Mrs. Kristin and Anna. We headed down to Georgetown, made a quick stop at the Walmart to pick up lunch and got on the boat. Tallon and Anna BOTH love the boat and it was fun watching them wave at other boats as they passed by and just GRIN over being in the boat. Tallon especially loved it because Dr. Brian would go "FAST"!!
Here is the Granger and Sims clan on the boat

Mrs. Kristin and Anna

Tallon and Daddy riding on Dr. Brian's boat!
Once we arrived at Shell Island- we hopped off the boats and the kids quickly started playing in the sand. Anna was all ready to fill her bucket up!
The clan getting ready to go looking for shells!

I love this picture of my sweet boy (click on picture to enlarge it)

Anna and Tallon quickly got to work digging up sand to fill up the buckets!

Wait- what is this- STICKS!

We dug a hole and Tallon had a blast getting in and out of it!

Brian, Reeves and Brandon talking by the boat!

Anna sharing a shell with Tallon!

Lilah and Tallon both eating a cookie and looking for shells!

My 2 boys!!!!
(click on picture to enlarge)

It was a fantastic day. We LOVE the water and thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend time with our friends! We came home with 2 HUGE buckets of beautiful shells!! Thanks soo much for the invite Brian, Kristin and Anna!!

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Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

There is NOTHING funnier than watching Tallon on a boat! That kid was made for boating!!! Looks like a really fun day. Anna is sitting beside me looking at the pictures going CRAZY! She's shreiking "Boat, Ta-yin, Daddy, Beach!" over and over. I'm pretty sure she had fun too!