Saturday, October 20, 2007


We went to storytime 2 weeks ago and they read a story about firemen ( which THRILLED Tallon- he sat and listened to that story, but once they started reading another story about a bear- Tallon quickly found something else to entertain him). We left storytime the proud owner of a fireman's hat which Tallon loved! It is Fire safety month so last Saturday as we are on my way to my parent's house, we pass the firestation and see that they are having an "open house"- complete with firetrucks for the kids to climb on and touch, the ladder was all the way up, and a bounce slide and house! So... we picked my mom up and headed to the firestation. Tallon had a blast- pretending to drive the trucks, climbing in and out of the trucks and of course- going down the slide and jumping in the bounce house! I even managed to get Mimi into the bounce house slide with Tallon!!! so once again- we left the firestation with our 2nd fireman hat of the week! ( unfortunately this one is now broken)!

then, Tallon came home from Mothers morning out last Monday and what did he have- a white fireman's hat! The firetruck had come to his school for the kids to see, play and learn about fire safety!

What a fantastic week for a little boy who LOVES trucks!!!

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DarleyFamily said...

So much fun! The boys would have been on cloud 9! Anytime we here sirens we have to stop what we are doing and look for the firetruck. It amazed me how little boys know their comes so naturally. Love all the new pictues. m