Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trip to the Beach

Tallon and Mimi waiting outside the restaurant after lunch!

Nana and Papa are building a sunroom ( more pictures on that to come) and so we headed down to the beach with them and Mimi to look for some new furniture! Although I think Tallon is still hoping they will just keep the room empty so he can RUN all around it!!! =) =)

They picked out some beautiful.... and comfy ( this is important you know) furniture and than they treated us to a yummy Fried Shrimp lunch ( I still get a kick out of the fact that my child actually eats fried shrimp!!) .

Since the afternoon was early, we headed to the outlets to shop! Although I did not find anything, Papa checked out... and bought some Delicious fudge ( which he was kind enough to share!!) and Mimi and I found several cute shirts for Tallon and some big boy brown shoes!! Papa also treated Tallon to a "truck ride"- you know one of those rides that cost 75 cents and last for only a minute or 2. I missed getting to see Tallon's expressions but I heard that he LOVED IT- THANKS PAPA! I usually let Tallon sit in them but so far..... I have not given in and given him any money to actually "ride" the rides... I am sure the day is coming!!
We have a great day hanging out with Nana, Papa and Mimi. The few pictures I took did not turn out well so I will have to try to grab some good ones of Tallon with his great-grandparents on another day- he sure does LOVE them lots!!!


Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

You found NOTHING for yourself at the outlets?!?! My dear, dear sister-in-law...Such a SHAME!!! We MUST return!

DarleyFamily said...

So you must tell me where your sister in law gets all Miss Clara Beth's clothes! She is by far the best dressed one year old I know. Her tutu and new ballet shoes are my new favorite! Clearly she and her mom have great taste...and a great budget too:) I feel like she needs to send me pictures of how to dress a little girl so I will know what the heck I am doing! Florence must be the best place to shop! You must have a little girl next...she would have the best clothes to choose from:) If however, she is looking to sell know where to find me:) Your mom does a fabulous job with all Tal's clothes. We can both cry together the end of next summer. I am going to hate to see the Jon Jon's go...I just love them. m

Chris & Emily said...

seems you guys have been busy lately but it looks like you've had tons of fun. For some reason, it just seems like Tal has grown up over night recently. Would love to see you guys again.