Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, We successfully completed Tal's first swim class- waterbabies!! He definitely has picked up a few things and proudly kicked and blew bubbles in the pool yesterday- GO TALLON!! We are still working on getting him acquainted with back floating, paddling with his arms and wearing arm swimmies and life vests, but now I know some good ways to work with Tal and he def has warmed up to the water a lot! I highly recommend a class like this to those of you with toddlers. It was fun singing and splashing and playing in the water together- just Tal and I!! I was not able to get any pics of Tal in the pool, but 1 of Tal's new favorite things is in the locker room where we change.....

As soon as we hopped out of the shower, Tallon raced for the blue locker to hide in it- he did not even want to get dressed first!!

Where is Tallon??

And, Just for Fun... we played Where is Tallon AFTER WE GOT DRESSED ALSO!!! I could not believe how Tallon could pretty much close himself in the locker- you could not even see his fingers bc he would tuck them inside the locker with him! So fun and soo cute- this little boy LOVES TO EXPLORE his surroundings and enjoys giggling and playing so much!

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The Bakers said...

Tallon that is great you finished your class. Swimming is so much fun. Thank you Rebecca for the prayers...we will post before we head to the hospital. I am going to start walking and doing all these wives tales to try to help this baby along....ha ha! You are so right too...God knows the timing for this baby! Ya'll have a great weekend!