Friday, March 09, 2007

Made with Love

I asked Papa (Tal's great-grandad) if he could make Tallon a step stool a few weeks ago. I have several other items that Papa has made for me over the years and they are so special! I kept checking Walmart and Target but really just wanted a simple stool for him to use in the bathroom for help when he washes his hands. Papa built this precious little stool and it is the perfect size for Tallon and it fits great in our bathroom- Tal's bathroom is not very big. I have not painted it yet, but am checking all sorts of websites trying to figure out how I want to paint the stool. We have been using the stool in the bathroom, but Tallon has figured out that he can see out of his bedroom window when he places it there- I could not help but take a few pictures- the lighting is not great- but i still love them!!

Tallon is actually starting to smile when you ask him to say "Cheese" for you!

This stool is also a great place for Tallon to play with his cars=) Gotta love little boys!


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