Friday, February 23, 2007

Ready to go Boating

My friend Jennie took these pics at waterbabies class yest morning. Her husband was able to come to the class and he was soo great playing with both Tallon and their daughter Carlisle!! Yesterday, the kiddos got to see what the lifevests feel like in the water and they also enjoyed playing in the "boat"!! Fun! I can not wait to see Tallon in Poppa's big boat at the lake this summer!!


Laura said...

I love that you have Tal in waterbabies. I'm going to see if there is something like that here. I want to put Eli in something like that. BTW, thanks so much for the advise re Hyland's Teething Tablets! They work great and Eli loves them. We miss you! Hope to see you soon!
Laura Henley

The Bakers said...

Looks like you enjoy swimming! I hope you all are doing well. Rebecca, I got your note about the epidural! Believe me I will be asking for that. Can't wait to see you guys!!! Thanks for all the prayers!

Kristi said...

adorable :)

I realized I never replied when you asked about printing posts - I just print them to the screen in Adobe acrobat so I can save them in one folder and print them from acrobat reader and put them in a notebook - hope this helps

have a great day!