Friday, March 16, 2007


Reeves took today off so that we could spend some time together- just Tallon, Mommy and Daddy. We were going to visit the zoo in Columbia, but the weatherman predicted rain all day and sure enough- it rained ALL day and we are not talking light rain- it poured! Thankfully, Reeves and I had been checking into some other activities and found out about EdVenture Childrens Museum! I am so glad we went and had a wonderful time- Tallon enjoyed exploring and playing and we all came home exhausted! Hope you enjoy a few of the pictures I was able to grab- a running toddler will keep you busy- even with 2 adults!!

Let's go Dad!

Tallon checking out what teeth look like!! They had a AWESOME exhibit that was all about teeth and how to take care of them- they even had a fake person sitting in the chair and you could take larger versions of the same instruments that the Dentist uses and pretend to "clean" the persons mouth- very fun!

Tallon and Daddy after they heard their heartbeats out loud- you could place your hands on the metal piece and it would loudly play your heartbeat for you! All of us had solid sounding heartbeats!

Mommy and Tallon checking out the blood and platelets- there was a version of the inside of your blood vessels and they fibrinogen, bloodclots and platelets that you could "stick" up inside the walls of the vessels to show how your vessels become clogged!

Captain Tallon playing inside the boat- Tal LOVED the activity center that they had for kids ages 3 and under. There were large soft blocks, a BIG boat to climb all around in and a tent with camping gear!

Tallon and Daddy building a HUGE TOWER!!

In the Music Room!

A KID SIZE PIGGLY WIGGLY complete with shopping carts, food items and a scanner that beeps as you "buy" the food! Tallon enjoyed racing around the aisles with his grocery cart!

Driving the Tractor


milking the cow- what an experience!

Mommy and Tallon racing 2 balls down the track- this was 1 of Tallon's favorite things- he LOVED watching the balls go down the tracks and would crack Reeves and I up as he laughed!

I think that Reeves and my favorite exhibit was the area where they had big fake blocks and you could build a wall and than get into the construction truck and drive it over to crash down the blocks!! unfortunately, the lighting was not good in this area and my pictures did not turn out great!

And, I could not leave out the pictures of the firetruck- Tallon loved exploring the firetruck and Reeves even managed to get him geared up in the fireman outfit for a quick picture!

Even though it rained, our family had a WONDERFUL time hanging out together and exploring the museum. We can't wait to go back next year when Tal is a little bit bigger!


Michelle said...

Looks like you had a great time. What a cool place! I bet you were worn out after all that fun!

Laura said...

What a fun place! It looks like you had a great time and Tallon seemed to really enjoy it! We miss you!

M/G said...

Sounds like an awesome place to visit. We've not done anything like that yet but would like to soon.