Thursday, March 15, 2007

18 months

On Sept 15, 2005 at 8:05 AM Tallon Reeves Cannon arrived! I could not believe how tiny he was- 6lbs, 15 oz. I also had absolutely NO CLUE how fast the days would fly by and I can not believe that today, you are 18 months old! Your daddy and I love you sooo much and are enjoying watching you explore your environment every day! We are soo thankful to God for blessing us with you and pray daily that you will come to know Him at an early age and that we would raise you to fear and love God with all your heart, strength and mind!


Mommy Loves her Baby Boy (quickly becoming a little boy!!)

Thank you for the numerous hugs and kisses you give me everyday!! You are the sweetest boy- always running up to give hugs before you quickly run back to play again!

I remember at your 1 yr appt- the pediatrician asked me if you were favoring Daddy yet and I was soo puzzled because you have always wanted mommy when you get hurt or want something, but he was right- In the past month- you have completely fallen for your daddy- You cry when he leaves the house- you run up to the door GRINNING and soo excited when you see him pull up in the driveway- you wave your hands just as fast as you can- DA-DA, DA-DA you exclaim!! Your Daddy is special- he is soo good with you- you guys play basketball, soccer and sometimes football. You love it when daddy tackles and tickles you!! Daddy thoroughly enjoyes spending time with you- whether ya'll are reading a book or building a tower. Every Tues night, Mommy goes to work for a few hrs and ya'll have "Guys Night" and daddy makes you pancakes- YUMMY!! Daddy is also the one who often does your "night-time" routine so mommy can have some time to clean up the dishes or just relax.

You love your time with Daddy and HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!

You absolutely LOVE to be outdoors- from the minute you wake up until it is bedtime- you want to be outside. You have discovered Sticks and Grass and LOVE to swing! You still enjoy playing with the ball also.

More recently, you have discovered cars and often, I can find you playing with your trains and cars in your room - you love to bring them into the kitchen floor and roll them to mommy!! You will laugh and clap your hands!

You are starting to talk more and I can now often make out ball,dog and Amen. You pretend to count 1,2,3 before you throw the ball- but it still sounds like UGH, UGH, UGH! We are working on Please, but it still sounds like ssss. You love to pray before meals and often, the first thing you do when we all sit down is clap your hands together and look at mommy and daddy- ready to pray!

You have discovered hot-dogs and Love them. Still enjoy mac and cheese! I have been trying to get you to eat bananas for months, and a few days ago- you finally ate 1! We are working on trying to get you to eat more fruits, but you are picky and mainly stick with mandarin oranges!! You love fresh veggies though and often enjoy peas, carrots, butterbeans, greanbeans and 1 of your favorits is boiled squash and onions!! You enjoy feading yourself these days, but every once in a while you still will hand mommy the spoon and want me to feed you!! what a silly boy!!

You understand so much of what we say to you and we often laugh as watch you go grab your shoes and try to put them on your feet, or bring something we asked for!! You love to pretend to mop, sweep and vacuum!

Busy, BUSY boy- you keep mommy and daddy on our toes chasing you! We love you sweet boy and look forward to the next month and what is in store and Thank God for the precious days He has given us with you already!! Happy 18 months!""


Chrys and Mike said...

Oh, happy half-birthday, Tal!!! You're getting so big!

Sweet post, Rebecca.


Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

I can't believe that my tiny baby nephew is already 18 months old!! Where has the time gone? We love you so much,Tallon!!
Aunt Aron

M/G said...

It's amazing how fast the time goes. Some days I wish it would slow down and other days, the challenging ones, I wish it would speed up. :0)

Michelle said...

Very sweet post! I can't wait to see you all soon.