Thursday, March 15, 2007


Tallon is great about going to bed and down for naps. Most of the time, we will do our bedtime routine and lay him down and bed and he will wave at us and than roll over and go to sleep- NOT EVEN A PEEP!!!!! Well, bedtime is 8 pm here for Tallon and some evenings we have found ourselves our later than that. Tallon does not seem to mind bc he will fall asleep anywhere- in LiLi's arms, he has been know to crawl up on Mimi and Poppa's couch and lately, he has discovered Poppa's favorite chair. I am thankful that Tallon can sleep just about anywhere and that way Reeves and I can visit and sometimes stay out later!! It is sort of funny, because 1 minute- Tallon will be running around like a wild man and the next- he will crawl up on the chair- recline and close his eyes=)


The Bakers said...

Awwww look at him. That is awesome that he goes to sleep so well! Thanks for all of your sweet comments on our blog. The contractions seem to be subsiding a little which is good in a way (ok I can see I am not the best with pain) that epidural will be my friend. We will keep you posted. Hopefully something soon!

M/G said...

That's great that he'll go to sleep anywhere and really just put himself to sleep. We're not so lucky with Anna but thankfully she does put herself to sleep once she's in her bed. :0)