Thursday, March 15, 2007

Look Who is in Town!

Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz came into town for a visit from Kentucky. We were thrilled to see them since it has been a while since we last got to visit. We had several good card games, enjoyed some yummy meals and Tallon loved all the attention he got from his Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz. I am soo sorry I did not get any pics of Mike with Tallon!!!!!! Yesterday, I enjoyed getting to spend part of the afternoon with my sister! Although, Tallon REALLY enjoyed his time with Aunt Liz since she played with him, pulled him around the yard in the wagon, and watched the garage truck come down the street with Tallon. Fun Times! Tallon was more than happy to show off all his new tricks for her- he blew bubbles in the bathtub, danced and clapped and even proudly showed her how old he is- 1!!!!!!! We had a great visit and love ya'll!

Hi Aunt Liz!

Liz and Tallon watching the garbage truck go by!

I am 1!!

Thanks for coming over to play! I love you Aunt Liz!

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